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How to make your home safe for toddlers

Your home is the first playground for your child. Under such age, they are likely to touch or taste things more often when they like something they see—it is what they primarily do to interact with their surroundings.

Expect that children won’t have any boundaries and that accidents in your household may happen once in a while. With this important reminder in mind, you have to take precautionary measures to keep them safe, instead of reprimanding them if they committed mistakes and expecting not to repeat them—that’s not how it works!

If you do so, not only that you stress yourself, but you may have affected the emotional development of the child as well. As you see, it’s a loss-loss situation. Again, let me reiterate that we have to create a safe environment for your child.

For today’s topic, we will be talking about how to make your home safe for your kids to play around in. At the end of the article, I hope that it would help you achieve that peace of mind as your child freely roams your household.

So without any further delays, let’s begin…

How to make your home safe for your kids to play around

There several ways on how you can make kid-safe during their playtime, and it includes the following—

Basic considerations

First and foremost, you have to organize your kids’ stuff thoroughly before and after playtime. And as you clean their mess, specifically look for things that could be hazardous to your child.

You also have to safeguard all electrical outlets. You will need to use plug protectors, which you can find at your local hardware store. Also, make sure that you make your electrical cords as neat as possible.

Other notes you have to bear in mind is—

  • Avoid choking hazard toys Top-10-worst-toys-list
  • Keep lighters and matches out of reach
  • If you own a firearm, you will need to keep them in your safe
  • Install fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and window stops
  • Use railing guards at the stairs
  • Use a playpen
  • Keep cleaning agents out of reach
  • Also, prevent using toxic items.

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Your Kids Bedroom

The bedroom is where they would reside for most of the time. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to take extra precautionary measures in this area of this house and thoroughly check every corner.

Here are the things you have to take note of to keep your kids’ bedroom safe—

  • Only use bunk bed if they are old enough and can at least already manage themselves
  • Make sure that the lids of your kids’ toy storage aren’t heavy. You don’t want your child to be trapped inside the box when accidents occur. For safety, you can put safety hinges in them to prevent such instances from occurring
  • Never place their bed near the windows
  • Never leave your infant unattended when changing their diaper because they might fall off if you aren’t careful. You may also install a safety strap just to be sure.
  • Also, keep the trash bin near you so you can easily dispose of the diapers
  • Throw away any cords that are lying around their room. These items may strangle them
  • If you have an infant in your home, be sure to regularly check the screws and bolts of the crib.
  • Check for loose blankets, and don’t place stuffed animals around them because it might suffocate them
  • Lastly, make sure that the gaps in between the planks of the crib are not wide enough that their heads could fit into. You don’t want their heads getting trap into the gap, which may result in suffocation

Living room

The living room is the second place where your kids spend most of their time. It is where they would normally play with their toys and explore.

Therefore, it is important to make the area as child-friendly as possible. And doing so also enables you to have peace of mind as you perform your daily tasks.

As a general in making your living room safe, keep in mind the following points—

  • You need to address the sharp edges of the furniture and cover them up
  • Always put up a barrier at the fireplace anytime your child is around the living room area
  • Other than the fireplace, you may also want to watch out for heat sources
  • Again, look for cords or small items lying around that are choking hazard
  • As your kid plays around the house, they may accidentally bump into one of the furniture or appliance that could fall onto them. To prevent such accident, you will have to install wall straps
  • Make sure that the living home rugs are not loose
  • Keep the furniture away from the windows

The Kitchen

We should pay extra close attention to the kitchen because it is where we kept items that could cause a potential threat to our children. Dangerous items like a knife, sharp utensils, the oven, or cleaning agents are usually kept in the kitchen.

The very first thing you need to consider here is that you need to maintain a lock on the drawers and be sure that such items are out of reach.

Here are additional points you have to bear in mind—

  • If your child is still an infant and uses the high chair, be sure that you strap them to avoid any accident from occurring
  • Do not use a tablecloth because your kid may become tempted to pull the fabric, which could cause a lot of mess
  • We’ve established this earlier—put cleaning agents, medicines, and other chemicals out of reach
  • Place a fire extinguisher nearby, and make sure that adults in your household know how to use one
  • Always cook at the back end of the burner


You should not let a toddler go into the bathroom without any sort of supervision or awareness from the parents.


  • You need to keep non-skid mats nearby the bathtub
  • Just like with the cabinet locks, place them also in between the toilet cover and toilet. The reason for this is to prevent accidents of drowning.
  • Keep electrical gadgets unplugged and out of reach
  • Lock the medicine cabinet
  • Most doorknobs are made of stainless steel, which makes them incredibly slippery when wet. And oo address this issue, use doorknob covers to allow your children to go in and out of the bathroom with ease.

Other considerations

You have to take note that safety needs will differ depending on the age of the child. If they are between the ages of 1 to 5 years, they are still basically an infant, and they will need extra attention. As they grow older, they will become more and more independent. And you may no longer supervise that intense.

Final thoughts

Although your main priority should be your kids’ safety, it doesn’t mean that you may have to compromise the aesthetics. You can beautify your home by adding stylish curtains on your window or upholstery or fabric on your furniture.

And if you’re looking for an online curtain shop that offers a wide selection of upholstery and fabric, then you have to check out my go-to shop—the Yorkshire Fabric Shop!

Well, I believe that just wraps it up, and I how today’s topic has provided you sufficient insights on how to make your home safe for your kids to play around.

Thank you for the time, and I hope to see you on the next topics!