Right Way to Apply Face Cream for good results

Right Way to Apply Face Cream for good results

The reason we apply face cream is to keep our skin fresh, healthy, moist and beautiful looking.

Face creams cover and protect the skin with an oily layer preventing the cells from drying out.


Face cream is to be applied in small amounts and not in large quantities which is simply a waste. In the case of face cream, it is not the quantity that counts it is the quality.

Start applying small quantities and increase from there until you have determined the correct amount to use on your skin. Facial beauty care products should be applied correctly and sparingly.

•Put a small amount of face cream on your fingers and apply it on the face.
•Start with the middle portion of the face and massage the cream slowly upwards.
•Apply cream on the middle of the forehead and massage from the inward corners of the eyebrows, outwards. From the mid-point of the eyebrows move down below the eyes with a circular motion
•Massage the nose from its upper part downwards and then to nostrils, from nostrils to the temples.
•Apply cream on the upper lip and move towards the cheeks.
•Apply cream below the lower lip and move down till you reach below the chin.
•In the end, apply cream below the chin and massage downwards

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