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How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

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It’s 2020, and you may have some resolutions or goals to accomplish this year, but the weight of winter is on your back. It’s hard to learn how to get into keto when you feel like doing nothing but eating all the time. You may not want to get out of bed to work out. Or, it’s hard to save money when you want some retail therapy.

You may have a case of the winter blues, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

What is SAD?

SAD is when you develop depression or mood swings based on the season. Sometimes, SAD occurs in the summer, but it’s quite often associated with winter. With less sunlight, dropping temperatures, less physical activity, and other problems that come with winter, SAD can affect many people, even those with tough skin.

If you have it, there are some ways to combat it. Here are some treatments you should consider.

Seeking Help

If your SAD is serious, you may want to seek out professional help. This applies especially if you’re unsure if you have SAD. A professional can look at your symptoms and determine what you have. If you do have SAD, they can teach you some therapy techniques and lifestyle changes to help you or give you medicine. With medicine, it may take a few weeks, and you may need to experiment with different meds in order to get the right one for you. Search for therapy near me to get started.


One way you can treat SAD is to exercise a bit. Whether at the gym, home or outside if you can tolerate cold weather, being able to get the blood pumping can release endorphins, which can improve your mood. You don’t need to work out too hard to feel better; doing some crunches at home or walking outside may help you.

Light Therapy

If SAD is happening in the fall or winter, you may need more light exposure. Because the sun sets earlier during the winter, many people aren’t getting enough sunlight. This applies especially to those who wake up later than others. If you can’t go outside, you should open your blinds and find other ways to let the light in.

Light therapy can come in the form of going outside more, but it may involve you being close to a light box first thing in the morning, which can increase your mood. This is something you may want to talk to your doctor about, especially if you want to use a lightbox, as you need to find which is for you.

Getting the Right Amount of Rest

If you’ve been undersleeping or oversleeping, this may cause a negative impact on your mood. Depression can make you insomniac or make you want to sleep all day, which can worsen your mood. Light therapy may help with your biological clock so you can fall asleep when you want to. Talking to a therapist or a doctor may help as well if you still have trouble with your sleep cycle.

Socializing a Bit More

Another reason why you may have the winter blues is that you don’t go out with friends as much as you do during the warmer season. Why not fix that? Socializing and going out can improve your mood tenfold. If there are no friends around, why not go to a bar or another area where people with common goals meet up and see if you can make some friends?

Eating Right

With depression, some people tend to overeat unhealthy foods, which may feel good at first, but it eventually ends up making your depression worse. Not eating enough can have a similar effect. It’s important to have a balanced, healthy diet atany time of year. The occasional winter treat won’t hurt, but don’t make it a habit.

Try a New Hobby

Do something that makes you happy, or learn a new skill or hobby. Sometimes, we get into redundancies and this makes it harder for you to enjoy life. Mix it up a little. If there’s something you always wanted to learn, try it.

These are a few remedies for SAD. Good luck.


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