How often should you replace your mattress and box spring

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Explore the Chief Reasons for Going Mattress Shopping

Even though health professionals recommend changing your mattress every eight years, thousands of people are used to sleeping on old mattresses for more than four decades. A survey reveals that in the U.K. over 8 million mattresses require immediate replacements and it is believed that the U.S.A. is certainly not very much far behind. As per surveys conducted by the Better Sleep Council over 97% of Americans believe that sleep is mandatory for maintaining the quality of life yet they do not appreciate or acknowledge the remarkable role played by the mattress in maintaining good health.

Many of you would not bother to replace your old mattress if it seems fine. However, often the health risks involved in using a really old mattress are hidden from view. An extremely dirty mattress could pose grave health issues. As per the experts, an eight-year-old mattress contains on an average over 10 pounds of your dead skin cells, you could certainly understand the magnitude of the issues related to a 40-year-old mattress. Here are some of the main reasons why you need to shop for new mattresses every eight years or so.

Dust Mites & Bed Bugs Feasting on Your Dead Skin Cells

The really old mattress would mean it would be the breeding ground for numerous harmful dust mites and bed bugs. An old mattress would be containing about 10 million mites. Many of you would be experiencing acute allergy flare-ups. You must consider vacuuming your mattress once every week to keep it sparkling clean.

Bed bugs are supposed to be some other creepy creatures you need to beware of particularly if your mattress seems to be really old. When you wake up and find mosquito-type bites or bloodstains on your sheets or even spot them all along your mattress seams, you need to throw away the current mattress as it is infested with bedbugs.

Mold & Bacteria

With time and use, your mattress becomes dirty and is often the hot favorite habitat of various fungi and bacteria that could cause grave antibiotic-resistant infections. Moreover, if you have a damp bedroom, you could find mold spores that accumulate on your mattress and may trigger serious allergic reactions. You must resort to regular vacuum cleaning and consider investing in a dehumidifier.

Harmful Chemicals

Chemicals are often used while manufacturing mattresses and experts believe that old mattresses are quite harmful; as they release pretty hazardous toxins over time. While shopping for a fresh new mattress, remember to invest in any organic cotton or organic wool mattress for your peace of mind.

Lack of Support

Mattresses are supposed to give your back support while you sleep peacefully through the night. With time, mattresses do lose their oomph factor. They develop issues such as cavernous dents, squeaky springs, and many other not so noticeable problems. You may be compelled to spend sleepless nights and you may develop issues such as back pain or neck pain. Consider replacing your old mattress with a comfortable and new mattress that gives you the desired support. Go out mattress shopping as soon as you realize your health and well-being are being hampered. Browse through various reputed mattress sites and reviews and choose the best mattress. Many reputed brands such as Casper reveals new mattresses for you to try out as they are of world-class quality with cutting-edge approach and design at affordable prices.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for a New Mattress

  • Define clearly your dream mattress. Determine specific mattress brands and types that you must have used in the past and absolutely loved the feel and overall experience.
  • Chalk out a budget before heading to the nearest mattress store. But while certain promotions or clearance sales are on.
  • Always go mattress shopping with your partner as the mattress pressure would change when the two of you are lying on the mattress together. Remember mattress shopping is certainly a team event.
  • Do not take seriously the official firmness levels because it differs from brand to brand.


Go mattress shopping every eight years or so. Replace old mattresses at once to eliminate undesirable health issues. While you have gone mattress shopping, after short-listing the mattresses based on your priorities and preferences, you must lie down for 15 minutes and try out various sleep positions. If the mattress feels really comfortable and welcoming, take the final plunge.