How to remove water from a flooded room

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8 Effective Ways of water damage restoration after a flood

When we are enjoying a bath in a bathtub or swimming in a pool, it feels great. But what happens when your walls are dripping water or the floor is filled with water? It really feels overwhelming when water damages your home due to a massive flood. Definitely, it is hard to visualize how you are going to make the place safe again. Your home has to go through an effective restoration process. While it takes some serious work, you must get it right. Otherwise, it turns a bad situation into worse. However, if you start the restoration in effective ways, you will have a clean, safe, and better home for living again. You can also hire professionals for water damage restoration at Dana Point instead of doing it yourself. Let’s look into few effective tips that will help you control the situation with more confidence:

Protect Yourself And Your Family

Protecting your family is the priority succeeded by protecting your home. So, before the cleaning process starts, you must take few basic steps when the flood hits:

Evacuate from the flooded areas as quickly as you can. You must stay at a safe place until professional signals your area as safe.

Equip yourself with waterproof equipment like gloves and boots to ensure some levels of safety.

Don’t forget to turn off your home electricity with circuit breakers. It will keep your house from getting electrified due to flooding.

In case you have experienced some disruptive natural disaster, be aware of any gas leaks. If gas leaks inside your home, immediately move outside and call a professional.

Don’t use the water as it may be contaminated with the sewage water. Due to widespread flooding, the possibilities of water contamination get high.

Temporary relocation is another easiest solution to stay safe when a major flood damages your home. If you take a rental or stay with family or friends, it will allow you to clean and restore your home safely. In case of major damage, contact a water damage restoration Dana Point company.

Immediate Action To Avoid Further Damage

There’s no time to spend any moment worrying about cleanups, insurance claims for damages, and even restoration. You must take immediate measures to prevent further damage. But how can you do it?

Most of the time, leaks come from leaky water heaters, faulty drain, or burst pipes. Therefore, first, address the source of the water pouring inside your home. If a leaking roof is a reason that your floor is submerged in water, then call a professional ASAP.

You will want to shut off your water supply if the water comes inside the home from a pipe, heater, or other places. You have to find the water valve and shut it off immediately.

If flooding has caused water damage and you are suspecting more storm or heavy rain may come, then take prevention. You can build diversion ditches or pile sandbags around your home to prevent further damage.

Remove Water From Your Home

Now, as you have taken immediate actions to prevent further damage to your property, the next thing is removing water from your home. To start any restoration work, clearing the stagnant water is important. If the water sits longer, the damage will be more expensive. That’s why a submersible pump comes into the rescue. These pumps provide high efficiency to dry out the whole area with ease and moderately faster than any other method. Unless your area is completely submerged in water, you must remove the water within 48 hours. It decreases the growth of unhealthy organisms inside your home. However, if you can’t dry something except the walls in 2 days, then you should get it out of your home. It may mean saying goodbye to your furniture and carpets too. For fuss-free restoration work, contact a water damage Dana Point restoration company.

Save The Stuff That Is Still At Good Shape

After your home is clear of any stagnant water, it’s time to save the pieces of stuff that still have hope. First, give attention to objects that are delicate but irreplaceable like, everyone’s birth certificate, financial documents, titles, and family heirlooms, etc. After securing the delicate items, pay attention to your electronic items in your home. Electronic items are at risk of getting damaged in contact with water. It is better to keep these items under the sun to dry them.

Once the smaller, more important kinds of stuff are out of the flooded area, it’s time for other items like furniture, art, floor rugs, etc. After moving these items out of the damaged area, place them somewhere safe to dry them out. Using a towel, you can soak up water from the furniture and solid art pieces while hanging up the rugs under the sun.

You can also protect your stuff the most convenient way after water damage took place. It requires a portable storage container where you can keep your belongings when your property is going through repair and remodeling. If you don’t want to keep it at your driveway or street, there are secure storage facilities. Water damage restoration Dana Point service providers can do the restoration of your home faster with skills and experience.

Document All In Details And Contact Insurance Company

When water damages your property, it actually looks like a crime scene caused by nature. So, just as detectives, you would want to document everything in detail. You can give the water-cleaning task to a reputed water damage Dana Point restoration company and do the documentation. Take the photo of the soggy drywall, damaged furniture, carpet, floor tiles, and all other things that received the blow of the flood. Don’t forget to write down the serial numbers of all appliances which are damaged or even destroyed by flooding damage. In case you buy or rent an industrial shop vacuum, save the receipt. Also, when you hire professionals for cleanup and restoration, order portable storage, keep the documents ready. Though it seems like lots of work, it’s worth it, and you will be glad that you did all these. All this documentation comes in handy when you have to deal with your insurance company.

As soon as you have done your documentations, take out time to contact your insurance company and report the massive damage. Here are few tips about claiming for water damage and get the most out of your coverage:

  •         Report for damage claims as quickly as it is possible.
  •         Don’t forget to keep all the receipts along with photos. There’s nothing as too much documentation. The more essential documents you will have, the better.
  •         While calling the insurance company, ask if the insurance adjuster has a certification to make any claim decision. Many unauthorized adjusters work for outside companies.
  •         For repairing, always opt for licensed contractors with certification. It will help you to avoid and even resolve cost disputes with the insurance company.
  •         If your settlement amount is unsatisfactory, you can file for an appeal. In case you have issues with the appeal, you can contact your state insurance agency or hire a lawyer.
  •         Don’t forget to have insurance for your electronic devices, laptop, camera, TV, etc. Of course, see whether the insurance policy covers natural disasters; otherwise, you may get any money if gadgets get damaged.

After you have dealt with the insurance company, pat yourself or give yourself a relaxing treat. You definitely deserve it after you have gone through all the turmoil.

Inspect Mold Formation And Remove Beforehand

There is a similarity between using a credit card and mold formation. If you deal with it immediately instead of waiting for long, it won’t create a big deal in the long run. But if you delay the mold removal process or ignore it, it will grow to be a serious issue. So, how to prevent mold growth after water damage?

Remove all the damaged materials from your home. When there’s soggy drywall or spot, it is better to take it out completely. The same goes for wooden floors, cabinets, and all other materials that soak up water. You can also consider dumpster rental services that offer quick service and haul away all the damaged materials when you say.

Clean most of the affected areas with detergent to prevent any mold-growth on the surface.

Are there mold-warning signs in any place inside your home? In case you find out discoloration on any surface, you must contact a professional for mold removal urgently. Sometimes, you may not see the discoloration, but there’s a musky smell around your home. It means mold may have started to form or will form somewhere inside the house.

Dry all the affected areas immediately.

For the water damage restoration process, mold clean-up is an essential part. You are neglecting mold checkups after the damage can cause danger for the home safety as well as health hazards. Mold exposure can lead to lots of health issues like depression, fatigue, and even serious allergic reactions.

Dry Off Flooded Areas

You are in a safe state now after taking care of all the valuable possessions. Also, all your documenting tasks and informing the insurance company is complete. You have already inspected whether there are molds and also removed them with the help of water damage Dana Point service. Next, it is time to dry out everything in your home. Of course, it is better if you can start the drying process as quickly as possible, like within 24 hours.

In case it is a smaller flood, you can use rags, towels, etc., to remove most of the water from all the areas. Once sopping up is done, you can use dehumidifiers, air conditioning, and fans to dry out the moisture and humidity. However, if you find out that your basement has turned into a swimming pool, you better call for a water damage restoration Dana Point service. It will require big equipment like sump pumps, wet-dry shop vacs, etc.

When it comes to drying out the walls, it will at least take two to three days after the water damage. However, if your walls are completely soaked, it is better to tear them out and replace them with drywall, or else more mold formation is inevitable. Always hire qualified professionals for the water damage restoration process. They have the right equipment and skills to get you out of the disastrous situation and help you rebuild your home. But be aware of those companies who are after making a quick buck instead of giving your home full attention. It’s your property, and as you are paying a company, they must completely focus on your work. The drying process has to be good, or else you will have to pay the consequences for the same.

Restoring, Remodeling, And Rebuilding Stronger Home

You can’t change how much damage water and flooding can bring in. But you can restore your home to a better state. As you have already mucked out your home, you can take the time to restore your home in a new way. It opens up the possibility of remodeling and rebuilding your home even stronger. You can also hire a water damage Dana Point restoration service-provider to help you out.

Your home will look even better after the restoration than it used to be before the disaster took place. However, it is not only about how your home will look. It is also about what features you would want to add to protect the family from flooding. You can waterproof your basement, add a new roof, and opt for outside grading.

However, you must contact a reliable company for water damage restoration at Dana Point. After all, you would want best-restoring work for future-proofing your home from such disasters.

When you apply the right technique with the help of professional water damage Dana Point service, it is possible to complete a successful flood cleanup. It averts a significant amount of damage after the flooding. You will be prepared with some solid plans for any more disasters in the future.




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