how to remove stretch marks after pregnancy home remedy

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Some of you may think that stretch marks are an inevitable result of being pregnant and for some people they are. They do not have to be but if you developed some during your pregnancy then there are ways to treat them.

The people most susceptible to developing stretch marks are people who have fair skin and/or dry skin.

Fair skin because things are just more noticeable like stretch marks because of the light color of the skin. Dry skin because dry skin does not stretch easily and people with oily skin just have more natural moisturizers built right in.

If all you have is dry skin then reducing stretch marks is an easy fix in that all you have to do is moisturize several times a day and drink more water. The water will moisturize you from the inside-out and the creams will moisturize you from the outside in. Enough of each and hopefully they will meet in the middle and make you less susceptible to developing stretch marks.

Other causes are genetics, which is a pain but if you treat yourself right then maybe you can avoid them and genetics won’t play a huge role in their development. diet is another factor through a diet full of the right vitamins and minerals that can minimize them. Hormones, this is maybe something you can’t-do anything about. Your hormones are what you have to regulate your body. Pretty much everything is associated with some type of hormone.

Another preventable factor that causes stretch marks is your weight.

You do not have to be overweight and if you are, find a good meal plan and stick to it along with a good exercise plan to lose the excess pounds. While you are losing weight then just treat your skin as you would if you were pregnant. Good moisturizers work on all types of stretch marks.

The last factor that has an impact on developing stretch marks is age.

Now we all have to do it but some age more gracefully than others. The reason aging is a factor is that as we age our skin loses some of its elasticity and the fat layer beneath the skin starts to dissipate, as well, possibly making the skin fragile.

If you want to make your stretch marks less noticeable then you can treat them with some creams like cocoa butter to soften the skin in the area where they are. Stretch marks can be on the stomach, thighs, buttocks, breasts, arms, and back area.

If you do have fair skin then to make your stretch marks look better I advise you to get some sun. A little bit of a tan can hide them and make them look a little better. get your tan the safe way and use one of those self-tanning lotions or go to your local tanning salon and pay them to give you a spray-on tan. They darken as they go so start slow.

Preventing Stretchmarks

Preventing stretch marks is the key to not ever getting them in the first place. There are ways to make sure that during your pregnancy you won’t have stretch marks afterward and that all you will have is the wonderful baby you have been carrying for nine months.

There are many over the countermeasures you can take that will help you accomplish this and I will talk about something you can make yourself, too. The recipe is easy and will last a while so make enough to use for a month or so then you can make some more. You can start preventing stretch marks as soon as you know you are pregnant, if not before.

The recipe is as follows:

  • 8 tsp beeswax, grated then melted
    1 cup of cocoa butter
    1 tbsp wheat germ oil
    1 tbsp sesame oil
    1 tbsp vitamin E oil
  1. Melt the beeswax in a small saucepan over low heat then add all other ingredients.
  2. Mix well. Store in an airtight container.
  3. Stir together before each use if the oils separate.
  4. Rub onto the skin of your belly twice daily throughout your pregnancy.

how to remove stretch marks after pregnancy home remedy

Cocoa butter

The cocoa butter will help keep your skin soft while the beeswax locks in moisture. If the beeswax should harden again after the initial mixing just toss the whole mixture into the microwave to warm it up and remelt the beeswax. Stir well and rub the warmed lotion onto your belly.

Wheat germ oil, sesame oil, and vitamin E.

Wheat germ oil, sesame oil, and vitamin E oil all hold properties that aid in the nourishing and healing of the skin. They all can be found at your local natural food store. You may pay a little more for organic but it will be worth it in the long run.

If this does not appeal to you then you can go to the store and just get a good cocoa butter with no added preservatives. Make sure there are no additives or chemicals that could be absorbed by your skin and harm the baby. If you are unsure, make a list of ingredients to your doctor and she will tell you whether the product you have chosen is right for you and your baby.

Always read the labels and discuss anything new you want to introduce to your body. Everything you do affects that baby in some way so just be careful. It is better to be safe than sorry. You should continue to use the above homemade lotion well after the baby is born until your belly returns to normal size.

Anything that will nourish and moisturize your skin will help and there are quite a few things to try. This recipe is one of the best things I have ever put on my body and I wish I had this recipe when I was pregnant. Mix it up and enjoy it.

You will have done an excellent job of preventing stretch marks and having one less worry after your baby is born if you have been diligent and used this product or anything else you have chosen to use. Just make sure that what you use is pure and has no preservatives.

If all else fails you can talk to your doctor about laser therapy to reduce stretch marks. It won’t be covered by your insurance but like I said. if all else fails.



  1. My doctor recommended dermalmd stretch mark serum after I gave birth to diminish my stretch marks. After 8 weeks, they have faded tremendously. I also use this serum on my face since its for wrinkles too and my face feels softer and I have fewer breakouts than with other moisturizers I have used.

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