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15 home remedies to remove mole from skin

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Moles These days, having a mole can cause some people alarm, this is because moles are often associated with skin cancer. If you notice a mole changing shape or color you should get a Doctor to look at it. However, usually, they are quite harmless and the reason people want them gone is just cosmetic.

Moles can develop anywhere on the body, they are usually small brown or off-color little tags of skin. They can appear on your face, arms, legs stomach, back, or anywhere actually. A lot of folks just want them gone and in doing so will often turn to home remedies to get rid of them.

NOTE; you can have moles surgically removed by your doctor which is a relatively simple procedure but it is always a good idea to try out some safe home remedies first, they might just get rid of them for you.

How to remove moles naturally

1.Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a wonderful home remedy for many ailments and using it to get rid of moles is an excellent method. Simply apply the tea tree oil onto the surface of the mole and let the skin absorb it into your body. Do this frequently throughout the day and continue every day for a few weeks and your mole will soon disappear.

2.How to remove a mole with garlic

How to remove mole from skin

Garlic is a miracle herb that is used for countless home remedies and moles can be completely killed by garlic.

  • Make a garlic paste by grinding garlic blobs and then mixing with water.
  • Cover the mole with the paste and then cover it with a bandage.
  • Leave on overnight and don’t remove till the morning.
  • Repeat this process several times a week or until the moles are completely wiped out.


Just like many other uses, honey is brilliant for mole removal too. Use the honey to smear onto the mole every day. Honey is a great natural remedy for many skin ailments and using it on your moles is no exception.

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4.Apple Cider Vinegar

How to remove mole from skin

  • Make sure the area of skin around the mole is completely clean and dry.
  • Then apply the cider vinegar by dabbing vinegar-soaked cotton swabs onto the mole.
  • Leave on for ten minutes and then wash off with warm water and soap.
  • Do this several times a day for a few weeks and the mole will vanish.

5.Castor Oil and Baking Soda

Mix equal amounts of baking soda and castor oil and then leave the concoction to sit for 20 minutes. Using cotton swabs soaked in the mixture you can transfer the mixture onto the mole and cover it with a bandage.

Leave the bandage on overnight and clean in the morning, then repeat the same process. Carry on doing this each day until the mole goes away completely.


By grinding some flaxseeds into a powder and then mixing with flaxseed oil and honey, you can create a potent mole removing the paste. Apply the mixture lots of times every day and keep applying for a few weeks.

Flaxseeds are renowned for their ability for removing moles. Coriander: Make a fine powder by grinding coriander and then mix with water to form a paste. Apply the paste to moles frequently and after a few days, the moles should disappear.


Rubbing sliced raw potato on your moles also should have a potent effect causing the mole to fade. Use the potato method along with other methods daily. Pineapple:

Using fresh cuts of pineapple to rub on to the mole will lighten the color of the mole and diminish its size. Do this remedy every day and it should show good results in a few weeks.

8.Vitamin C

Crush up some vitamin C tablets and apply the powder to the mole. Cover with an adhesive bandage to hold in place. This method is quite effective for getting rid of a mole.

9.Cauliflower Juice

Use the blender to create cauliflower juice. Apply this juice to the mole frequently. Your mole should disappear after a few weeks.

10.Cumin Seeds

Just as with the flaxseed remedy you can use cumin seeds as well. Grind the seeds into a powder, add water to make a paste, and apply on to the mole several times a day for a few weeks. Cumin seeds are known for their mole removing properties, however, using this method can sting a little but is completely safe.

12.Dandelion Roots

By grinding some dandelion roots into a powder and mixing with water, you can make a potent paste to remove moles. Apply the mixture several times each day and keep applying for a few weeks. Dandelions are also famous for their ability to remove moles.

13.Banyan Tree Milk

  • Milky juice gotten from a banyan tree is yet another fantastic remedy for getting rid of your moles.
  • Just like the other remedies, apply the banyan tree juice over the affected area many times a day.
  • Carry on using this treatment for a week or two, that should be enough to dissipate a mole from your skin.


Radish is yet another natural herb or vegetable that can be used for treating moles on the skin.

  • Grind the radish into very fine pieces and then add water to make a paste.
  • As with the others,
  • apply this paste several times every day for at least 2 weeks or until the moles are completely gone.

15.Fig Stems

Last but not least, using fig stems as a mole removal remedy is safe and effective. As with most of the other methods you can make a paste by crushing the stems into a powder and then adding a bit of water to form a paste.

Apply the paste several times a day for at least 2 weeks or until the moles are gone completely.

Healing Process

We recommend our visitors to use anyone home remedy at a time it may not heal at one-time use may take days or week if you feel or suffer any infection or pain consult the doctor.

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