Best home remedy for acne overnight

(Last Updated On: 2018-08-30)

Adult Pimples and wrinkles: Simple solutions to get rid of it

Like 50% of adult women, you have pimples. Like them, you have tried everything to get rid of them. Don’t worry because here are eleven anti-acne solutions that you may not have thought of.


With microsurgery of acne, a deep cleansing, dermatosis specialty. ” To prevent lesions from turning to pimples or even indelible scars, it is essential to clean and empty these follicles,” says Dr. Ana Mido, a dermatologist. In addition to a topical (local) or drug treatment, microsurgery of acne also compensates for the rebound effects of certain drugs such as isotretinoin. Every two weeks or even months if acne is moderate.


According to the studies, probiotic would have crazy virtues on the skin. In 2014, a publication of the health research suggested that the ingestion of a specific strain improved the surface of the epidermis and limited the cases of sensitive skin. Already, experts are enthusiastic and imagine that good bacteria could overcome those that cause acne. A strategy to cultivate orally, while waiting for the magic formula, with the ingestion of kombucha and fermented products, but also on the skin with specific creams, or even homemade yogurt masks.


“In-office treatments can avoid six months of antibiotics,” says Dr. Kathy Townsend, a dermatologist.

First idea: the infrared laser which heats the sebaceous gland to curl it so that it produces less sebum.

Second idea: a laser tuned to a superficial wavelength to unclog and tighten the pores.

Third idea: red anti-inflammatory and blue LEDs that destroy the bacterium P. acnes, responsible for acne. Best option: combine all three. Only (big) flat? These methods are expensive but very helpful for acne. If you have spots or acne, you can read this guide 10 Natural Home Remedies for Acne That You Find in Your Kitchen.


4) Sugar

The evidence is still lacking, but the pros are convinced: the diet really influences the condition of the skin. Dr. Alex Charley points to sugar: ” The latest studies have shown that the sebaceous glands have insulin receptors, so sugars, especially fast ones and those with a high glycemic index, are partially responsible for acne. ” But other foods are also in the line of fire: pro-inflammatory milk, estrogen-like beer … Rather than suppress everything, follow the advice: ” Keep a diary of your diet when the buttons appear, so you’ll know what’s causing the discomfort. “


When you have acne, the sebum becomes the n ° 1 enemy. However, this one ensures the hydration of the skin by reinforcing its hydrolipidic film. By stripping, it is committed to producing more sebum and causes feelings of discomfort. ” The topical medications and treatments are very aggressive, so you always have to combine a so-called compensatory moisturizer that repairs, relieves and promotes long-term adherence to treatment,” says Dr. Kathy. The moisturizer is also likely to reduce acne. ” Unstructured, dry skin lets everything go, pollution in the head. it reacts accordingly and problems are installed”, says Dr. Alex. It remains to select the right product: a mattifying moisturizer to complete a topical treatment, a rich texture to offset the intake of isotretinoin, a moisturizing cream and treating fruit acids, if the acne is not followed by a dermatome. ” Dare even the oil! Well selected, vegetable oils relieve and regenerate the skin, without shine,”



We know that touching your acne is not a good idea.  The pimples are formed in a context of moisture and heat that cause inflammation. When you press your hand several minutes on the face, blocking the circulation on the area and it promotes the creation of imperfections,” explains Nathalie Vaillant, a practitioner in Chinese medicine. Obviously, dirty hands do not help.


“Studies are formal: 60 to 70% of women who have acne have a higher level of stress than others,” says Dr. Alex. Psychological disorders and emotional shocks also have a role in causing unusual androgenic discharges. Obviously, miracle solutions to stress do not exist, but an activity such as singing or dancing, in short, moments when you do not think about anything, can improve the situation.



“When we notice that the acne breakout is aggravated during the menses, we can prescribe the antibiotics the week of the rules only, their role will be rather anti-inflammatory and the dose will preserve the intestines,” suggests Dr. Kathy Townsend. You can add a zinc cure, to be taken in the morning fasting for two to six months. Without inflammation, the big red pimples fade away. All that remains is comedones to degenerate with a keratolytic care.

Here are three simple and economical recipes for reducing the first wrinkles.

your Pimples are gone and your face is clear but what about wrinkles that may appear on your face? Well here we have 3 home remedies for wrinkles,

The first wrinkles, there are people who live rather well, than those who do not want and are ready to do anything to get rid or delay their appearance. Except that a few things really work, we always advise returning to the recipes of the grandmother because natural products, there is that it’s true. Here are three recipes homemade masks, effective and recommended.

The carrot and egg mask.

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and mixed with an egg, they make a great anti-aging mask. The recipe: Peel and mix two carrots and an egg and spread the paste on the clean, dry face. Leave for about 20 minutes then rinse with clear water. Ideal: repeat the operation two or three times a week.

Vaseline mask, honey, and olive oil.

Only moisturizing products, to re-pulp and nourish your skin. The recipe: Melt two tablespoons of Vaseline in the microwave and add a tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Mix the ingredients well and allow the potion to cool and harden a little. Then spread in a thin layer on your face and leave all night. Rinse with cold water in the morning as you wake up and see the benefits on your skin.

The mask olive oil and cocoa.

Cocoa is a very powerful antioxidant and olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties so both together is a winning combo. The recipe: mix two tablespoons of pure cocoa powder to two tablespoons of olive oil and mix until you get something rather homogeneous. Spread and leave for about 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. The operation to be repeated twice a week if possible.



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