Home remedy for breast enlargement

(Last Updated On: 2019-11-13)

The Perfect exercise

Ever wondered why girls who do heavy workouts or bodybuilding tend to have smaller breasts? This is only because your breasts are largely made of fat and shrink as your activity levels increase. However, there are certain exercises such as modified push-ups, chest presses and arm presses that may help enlarge your breasts. Do the exercises daily for half an hour and seek guidance from a gym instructor to ensure you are doing them properly.


Aside from improving your breast overall health, massages increase blood circulation and stretch out cells inside the breast so as to make them appear big and firm. Put some oil into your palm and rub. Rub inwards in a circular motion for approximately 15 minutes. Do this two times daily for a couple of months to receive favourable outcomes.


Vitamins are another safe approach to increase your breast size. While vitamin A aids in the production of collagen that helps in firming the breasts, vitamin B3 helps in improving your blood circulation, thus promoting breast augmentation indirectly.

Vitamin C produces collagen, keeps the breast cells hydrated, and helps in balancing the tissues of your body that could influence the size of your breasts. And vitamin E helps in the regulation of the cholesterol levels that may, in turn, be advantageous to improve your breast size.

But, instead of taking nutritional supplements, try and include foods that are rich in these vitamins in your diet


A great diet, when coupled with a few fantastic chest exercises, can help you achieve fuller breasts. Chest exercises normally involve your shoulders and arms, and this assists in toning and extending the areas around your breasts. Other than assisting you in raising the size of your breasts, chest exercises like push-ups, chair lift, wall press, and torso press will keep you healthy and fit.


An appropriate diet can also be of excellent significance if you want to improve the size of your breasts. Some foods that are proven to stimulate estrogen and following breast growth on the human body are as follows. Berries such as radish, carrots, soybean sprouts, eggplants, garlic, and cucumbers

Wear the correct bra

Wearing a bra that is either too small or too big could leave your breasts seeming smaller than they really are. Put on a bra that allows your breast to lift. Poorly-sized bras may also be very uncomfortable. Bras should offer lift and support the breasts not flatten them or allow them to hang loosely. You are able to opt for cushioned straps to create the illusion of bigger breasts as well.

Fenugreek seeds

This is thought to help boost the breast size being a phytoestrogen herb. Fenugreek arouses breast-enlarging hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. To make a paste, combine 1/4 cup of fenugreek powder with some water. Apply it and massage lightly! Repeat this twice daily. It is also possible to add it to your body lotion add implement daily.[4]

Onion juice

In order for this to work combine honey, turmeric and onion juice together and apply on to your breast. That combination might help firm up sagging breasts and increase breast size. To acquire the effective result, you should apply this treatment before you sleep and leave it till the morning.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered as one of the best home remedies for breast enlargement. Routine massages with olive oil can make your breast look firm and soft. Furthermore, the application of olive oil can help cut the risk of breast cancer.

Green leafy vegetables

These veggies are also a good source of calcium and iron. Largely, green leafy vegetables do not contain phytoestrogens that assist in raising breast tissues, but they tone improved breasts. Another reason to eat green leafy vegetables is they stop the male testosterone production in women. This balances the hormones in a woman’s body and enables natural estrogen degree to restrain the body functioning.


Soy also contains isoflavones, which combats free radicals as well as cancer cells that may grow in breast cells. Include foods such as flax seeds, fenugreek and fennel seeds in your daily diet. A few other types of foods that assist with toning and increasing breast cells are legumes and soya bean.


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