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5 Natural Home Remedies To Get Away With Smelling Feet!

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(Last Updated On: April 30, 2021)Many times, you may encounter this severe issue of smelling feet, which may be the direct outcome of excessive perspiration on your feet.

Medically, it has been proven that usually people experience this issue just because of the tiny micro-organism that resides on your skin, dis-integrates the skin cells during the sweating, which thus tends to generate the bad foot odor or smell.

Nevertheless, this particular problem has no side effects on your health but it does cause a lot of awkwardness while sitting in a group.

What is suggested is to maintain a healthy and upright foot hygiene that goes a long way in banishing the bad smell from your feet in a commendable manner at large.

Emphasized below are 5 of such incredible natural home remedies that go a long way in keeping the bad odor at bay from your feet. Let’s discuss them in detail, one-by-one:

5 Natural Home Remedies To Get Away With Smelling Feet!Smelling Feet!

1. Peppermint Tea Foot-Bath

Many a time, we may hear of the remarkable benefits that peppermint tea offers to our health, just as refreshing our breath in case of ingestion and many more. But do you know, how significant a role this peppermint tea plays in keeping the unpleasant smell from your feet at bay.

What you are required to do is to just fill half a tub with fresh water and then on the top of it, just add about 2-3 cups of freshly infused peppermint tea. Next, just immerse your smelling feet in this foot-bath for about 20-25 minutes, and then wipe away with a soft towel.

Following up on this home remedy for at least a month will definitely aid in keeping the stinky odor far away from your feet in an incredible manner.[1]

2. Amalgamated Paste Of Baking Soda And Lime Juice

What to say of this wonderful home remedy that goes a long way in keeping the unpleasant smell or odor generally at bay from your feet. Besides this, regular application of this paste on your feet will surely make your feet refreshing and petty looking alongside keeping it bacteria-free and fungus-free in a commendable manner.[2]

  • What you are required to do is to fill half of a tub with Luke-warm water and then add to it about 2 teaspoons of baking soda and an extract of fresh lime.
  • Then, just put your feet in this mix after about half an hour,
  • Generously rubbing your in-between.
  • Regular application of this amalgamated paste will definitely vanish the issue of smelling feet in a commendable manner.

3. ACV Foot-Bath

An acronym ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar, which is one of the most prominent and natural ingredients that are easily accessible in your pantry. Till now, you may have heard a lot about the remarkable benefits that this ingredient offers to your skin, hair, and health but you may be amazed to know how significant part this ingredient plays in keeping the bad odor at bay from your feet.[3]

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To follow up this natural home remedy, just add about two teaspoons of ACV solution to the half-filled tub of Luke-warm water and then immerse feet completely in it for about 15-20 minutes. Doing this regularly, even for a week will show up remarkable results in keeping foot odor or smelling feet at bay from your skin.

4. Aim For Merino Wool Socks

You might be aware of the amazing property of the Merino wool socks, which is designed with keeping in mind the sound insulation properties that tend to keep you pretty cool during the summer season and alongside warm during the winter season.

Not only this, but it also readily absorbs the perspiration so courteously besides locking up the sweat and bad smell inside it, that will surely get vaporized in the air. As a direct consequence of which, the bacteria fail to reside on the sweat thus naturally keeping the bad smell of feet at bay.[4]

Just get these Merino wool socks from the marketplace, which are normally available to you in thin linings and are particularly antibacterial in nature. Use them and discard your old socks to keep the smelling feet at bay.

5. Aim For Essential Oil Or Any Aromatic Oil Foot-Soak

Essential oil like Lavender oil is enriched with innumerable anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which tends to keep your feet refreshing and aromatic besides eliminating the bad or pungent smell far-far away from your feet.

Not only this, if however, you have some skin issues like blisters, wounds, cuts, or cracked heels, just follow this home remedy to experience the soothing properties remarkably.[5]

To follow this home remedy, just fill half of a tub with Luke-warm water and pour few drops of lavender oil in it. Then, go ahead and just immerse your feet completely in it.

Just relax and keep your feet in this lavender-oil foot bath for about 20-25 times and see how remarkably it will keep the bad odor away from your feet.

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