Natural home remedies for vomiting

Natural home remedies for vomiting

home remedy for vomiting and stomach pain

SYMPTOMS—The person vomits

Causes of Vomiting

The cause is often overeating, eating the wrong food, poor combinations, or excessive alcohol consumption. But it can also be caused by food allergies, poisoning, food poisoning, or infection (flu, Epstein-Barr syndrome, candida, etc.) If the vomitus (that which comes up) looks like “coffee grounds,” it includes large amounts of blood from a bleeding ulcer or stomach cancer.

This is an emergency, for extensive internal bleeding can result in death. Take him to the emergency room.

If it occurs in infants, accompanied by fever and the child is unresponsive, it could indicate meningitis. Call a physician immediately. But it might be that you need to induce vomiting, after someone eats a poisonous plant, rat poison, etc.

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If you have eaten something poisonous or are having a gallbladder attack, an emetic will help.

  • Drink an emetic herb tea. Lobelia is probably the best.
  • Make a herb tea of lobelia or peach leaves,
  • take a teaspoonful every 15 minutes for 3-4 hours.


When giving lobelia tea, give the full dose all at once or you will not induce vomiting. Add 1 oz lobelia to a quart of boiling water; let it steep for 5-10 minutes if you are in a hurry (15-20 minutes is better). Then give a cup or two of the liquid (not hot), and let him vomit.Other emetic herbs include bayberry bark, Myrica, white willow, and ragwort.

In his book, Back to Eden p. 260, Kloss gives a complicated formula for giving herbs to help a person vomit. You might wish to refer to it.


Give very small doses of lobelia; it will relax the person and the vomiting will cease. Use a teaspoon of boiling water, steep, take a teaspoonful of this every 15 minutes, until relief is obtained. A cup of hot peppermint or spearmint tea, taken after the stomach has been cleaned out, will also help settle it. Catnip or sweet balm are also useful. A hot fomentation over the stomach, or a hot water bottle with a moist towel under it, will help settle the stomach.


Do not eat for several hours, but carefully take fluids, as you are able.

You lose a lot of fluid when you vomit. Be sure and replace it. Drink water, do not become dehydrated. Those fluids should be clear: water, weak tea, or fruit juices. Milk and heavy soups may be too much for the stomach just then.

Drink small amounts of peppermint tea.

  • Vomiting also flushes out minerals.
  • These need to be replaced with electrolyte drinks, clear soups, or apple or cranberry juice.
  • If only water, add a couple pinches of sugar and salt to it.
  • After vomiting, it is best to sip the fluids, then pause, then sip a little more; do not gulp them down.
  • Do not drink cold fluids; it is a shock to the weakened stomach.
  • Do not drink carbonated products at this time.
  • When you are ready to eat, start back with a small carbohydrate meal, such as rice soup.
  • Avoid fatty substances, for they would remain in the tired stomach too long.


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