Home Remedies that work for Mastitis while breastfeeding


The only thing that all the mothers are concerned about is to provide a good amount of nutrition to their newborn babies. The best way of providing wholesome and natural Triton can be done through breastfeeding the babies. Breastfeeding is the right way to provide nutrition to infants. Often it also involves some complications. Mastitis is such a problem, which occurs to the mother who breastfeeds her baby. It is a common problem which affects most of the breastfeeding mothers. In this article, we will see Home Remedies that work for Mastitis while breastfeeding.

What is Mastitis

Mastitis is a common problem which occurs during the period of breastfeeding in women. It is the inflammation of breasts in women. It does not occur during the initial 6 months of feeding. The mother can continue to feed their baby when they have Mastitis. It will not cause any problem for the baby. The only thing to worry is that some babies may dislike the taste of the milk during Mastitis.

Home Remedies that work for Mastitis while breastfeeding

But the mother should continue to feed her baby during the Mastitis. Otherwise, the milk which is present in the breast will get infected by germs. And, then it may lead to some serious health issues in women. It can be very painful to the new moms. But if new moms continue to nurse their babies, it helps to clear up the infection.

Causes for Mastitis

Mastitis is normally the inflammation of organs on the breast. It is caused due to bacteria. When bacteria enter the new mom’s breast, it spreads out the infection. The bacteria can enter through the cracked nipples or the sore nipples. It may also be caused due to the improper breastfeeding techniques of the new mom.  During breastfeeding, the milk of the one breast should be completely emptied before moving to the next one. Then the mother should keep proper care on the baby and ensure the baby is properly latched while breastfeeding.

Symptoms of mastitis

Mastitis can cause severe pain in the breast of the new moms. It may also lead to fever, chills, redness, and swelling of the breast which is affected. The heart rate will also be automatically increased, and the lymph nodes which are present in the breasts will often become painful.

Home Remedies that work for Mastitis while breastfeeding

Hom remedies

When looking on the brighter side. Mastitis is very simple to cure, and it is also self-treatable. There are many remedies which are available to treat Mastitis. These remedies are natural remedies, which can be easily done at home. The following list of natural remedies contains natural ingredients and methods which can be found and done in our home.

10Continue to Nurse your baby

Even though when you are infected by Mastitis, you no need to worry about nursing your baby. You can continue to nurse your baby, without any interruption and worrying. It won’t cause any problem to a newborn baby. It may be painful, and sometimes it can provide unbearable pain to the new moms.

 The new moms should continue to nurse the baby; it will help to clear the Mastitis. The new moms can stop worrying about feeding their baby when they are affected. While breastfeeding during Mastitis, you should start from the affected side, so that you can empty all the milk present in that breast. Then automatically it will clear up all the infection in the breast.

9Using a warm compress

The heat helps in promoting circulation in the breast. When the heat compression is placed on the inflamed area, it fights against the infection causes. Then immediately it will reduce the inflammation and promotes the circulation in the breast. Massaging the breast before and after placing the heat compression also helps to reduce the Mastitis. This method also helps to prevent Mastitis. This is an effective preventive measure that can take by the new moms, to prevent Mastitis.[1]

8Use your Breast Milk

I know it sounds weird, but this natural method works for the problem. Breast milk contains antibacterial agents. When applying breast milk on the nipples of the affected breast. It will act on the sour nipples and reduces the inflammation. This remedy can be used both before and after breastfeeding.

It is one of the most natural methods; during breastfeeding, one can quickly obtain breast milk during breastfeeding. Breast milk has antibacterial properties. So it will help to reduce Mastitis.

7Use Natural Antibiotic Garlic

Garlic is the natural antibiotic agent; it has a large number of antibiotic properties. Moms who are suffering from Mastitis can take 4 to 5 garlic in their diet, to cure Mastitis. Garlic includes antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal properties. So when garlic is in taken by the moms, their immune system gets stronger and it helps the body to fight against the Mastitis.[2]

The garlic can be taken as raw garlic; otherwise, they can also be added in the diet as the cooked one. Both methods will have the same amount of impact. It is one of the simplest methods to cure Mastitis.

6Use Cabbage leaves

For generations, cabbage leaves have been used by our ancestors for the new moms. This is the simplest and relaxing method. You need to insert a cabbage leaves in the bra and leave it for many hours. Then you can replace it with new cabbage leaves.

If you want to feel more relaxed, then place the cabbage in the fridge and let it cool down. Then place the leave in the bra, so that you can feel more relaxed. It helps in smoothing out the pain caused during the mastitis infection.[3]

5Take more Rest

You are advised to take more rest; it will also help to build your immune system. You can also rest with your baby in the bed. So it will also promote the regular feeding of breast milk to your baby. By feeding regularly, Mastitis is also reduced.

4Potato Slices

You can use potato slices to treat Mastitis. Cut the potato into small and thin slices and then soak them in water for about 15 to 20 minutes in water. The place the wet potato slices on the affected areas of the breast. Then replace the wet slices after some time. This method will help to reduce mastitis infection. The slices of potatoes have the anti-inflammatory properties, and hence when placed on the skin, it helps to reduce Mastitis. The potatoes contain an enzyme which helps to reduce the swelling of the skin.

3Use Fenugreek

Fenugreek contains many medicinal properties. It also can be used to treat Mastitis.  The Fenugreek oil should be rubbed between two palms, and then it should be applied on the affected place. It will reduce the pain caused by Mastitis. We can also make a herbal paste out of fenugreek; the fenugreek should be dried and then it should be ground smoothly. If necessary other herbal products can also be included, then a little amount of water should be added, to make the paste into a right consistency. Then the paste should be applied cotton pads or on the cloth. Then the cotton pad should be placed on the affected area. This herbal product contains a lot of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. So it is an effective way to treat Mastitis.[5]

2Hot and Cold Compress

It will be very effective if both the hot and cold compress is used alternatively in the affected area. As Mastitis will cause a severe amount of pain in the affected areas, the cold compress is used to eliminate that pain from the affected area. It can be followed by using a hot compress. The hot compress regulated the blood circulation and helped in killing the germs present in the affected area. So the combination of both the hot and cold compress is one of the effective ways to treat Mastitis.

1Use Salt Water

Saltwater can also be used to treat Mastitis. Take a tablespoon of salt and then mix them in a cup of water. Then soak your nipples in the saline water. It will help to clear all the bacteria present in the affected areas. This method also helps to relieve pain from the affected areas.


It is important to understand that Mastitis is one of the most common infections which affect the nursing moms, and hence new moms need not feel uncomfortable or worried about it. It is very simple to treat, and it is also self-treatable. It is always good to prevent rather than looking for remedy measures. So new moms, take care of your health and learn the proper breastfeeding techniques. Keep your nipples and breast clean and moisturized to avoid Mastitis and any breast infections. It is the first and important most step in nourishing your infant.


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