Home remedies for chest congestion in adults

Congestion can be behind many different sorts of health problems that will probably be related to the lungs, ears, nose, and throat. People who have these congestion symptoms will feel stuffiness within the breathing airways or in their nasal cavities. There are often times when congestion will occur separately or together, with an excess amount of mucus or phlegm.

how to get rid of congestion naturally

Inhaling steam

This is the best relief procedure for getting rid of congestion in the chest. Using a nebulizer machine which passes out steam or simply covering your head with a towel and inhaling the steam, from hot water put in a basin, can also work wonders. This heat will help in loosening the hard phlegm.


Relief from congestion can be reduced with gargling, using warm water. Adding a pinch of salt in this warm water also helps in loosening the hard phlegm and gives you relief.


For people going through nasal congestion, aromatherapy does wonder. Adding a couple of drops of essential oil to the warm water and inhaling the vapor, gives you instant relief from a blockage in the nasal chamber. Eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender oil can also be used for this purpose.

Ginger Tea

This is another famous home remedy for chest congestion relief. All you need to do is slice two average-sized pieces of ginger and add them to a kettle of water. Let this come to a boil, strain out the pieces, spice the fluids as needed and then serve while hot. Ginger tea works the same way as eucalyptus does as it works on relaxing throat muscles but the aroma and steam coming from the boiled mix will also work to loosen up mucus in the lungs. Thus it is used in cough remedies as well as colds and flu treatment.


A most common sinus congestion relief method is using garlic either in its raw form or in its extracted from. Garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties and therefore helps in congestion relief. Decongestants: Using a decongestant can help in getting relief from nasal blockage or congestion in the chest. They constrict the flow of blood in the area of congestion. This, therefore, decreases your swelling and clears the congestion, especially in the nasal passages.

Advil Congestion Relief

Mucus which accumulates in the nasal passages contributes to the inflammation of the tissues in an individuals nose and sinus. This also results in inflammation of these parts. Advil congestion relief constricts the blood veins in your nose and sinuses and thereby reopens your blocked nose.

Hot Shower

Home remedies for chest congestion in adults

The steam which is released through a hot shower can also give you relief from congestion.

Tomato Tea

This home remedy for congestion relief is less known but works wonders for nasal congestion. Tomato tea has vitamin c, which helps in the strengthening of your immune system. For making tomato tea, mix a spoon of minced garlic, half a spoon of spicy sauce and a spoon of lemon juice to the mixture of tomato juice. Next, warm this mixture and drink it. The garlic in your tomato tea will help in preventing any infections and the hot sauce will help in the draining out of your nasal passage.

Mustard Oil

Applying mustard oil on both sides of your nose can give you instant relief from congestion. This clears your blocked nasal passages and also aids in relieving you of sinus congestion.


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