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Best and effective remedies for Anal Fissures

What are the best home remedies for Anal Fissures?

At any age, one in ten persons has anal fissures. They most frequently affect young children and adults in their middle years. However, they affect people of all ages and gender.

Anal fissures could make you feel self-conscious. Because of this, people frequently ignore the signs until they are distressing and harmful.

Many people experience pain in silence. Due to their agony, shame, and experience of watching blood flowing from the buttocks, they choose not to seek treatment. It is common to mistake an anal fissure for a hemorrhage. It is easy for doctors to help resolve them with medication. Do not let awkwardness keep you down from getting Fistula treatment in Bhuj.

A small rip or cut in the anus lining is an anal fissure. The skin crack causes severe discomfort and bleeding during and after bowel movements. The pain could be harmful to your health. Most anal fissures heal independently or with home remedies and dietary changes.

What causes Fissures?

The lining of the anus, the last segment of the large intestine, can be damaged or torn, leading to an anal fissure. The passage of a hard stool tears the anal lining, making constipation the most prevalent cause of anal fissure. Apart from constipation, other causes that lead to anal fissures are as below:

  • Severe loose motions
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, or any other inflammatory diseases
  • Muscle tension in the anal sphincter
  • Obesity
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sexually transmitted infections

Take advice from a fistula specialist near me to find the exact cause of fissures and cure it.

Symptoms of Fissures

Having an anal fissure can result in pain and the below symptoms.

  • Anal region discomfort
  • Pain during stool passing that lasts for some time
  • Bleeding through the anus.
  • Stools with bloodstains
  • Blood spots on the toilet paper

Suggested home remedies for Anal Fissures

People with anal fissures still need to defecate while healing because they are painful. To prevent further irritation from strain, it is vital to keep stools soft and make it simpler for them to exit the body.

You can opt for anal fissure Ayurvedic treatment or Self-care techniques that could help anal fissures feel less painful and heal quickly. A few home remedies are as below:


Regular exercise is a practical self-help tip for managing constipation and, as a result, anal fissures. You can improve your physical fitness by walking or running. You should get at least 100 minutes of physical activity per week.

Drink Water

To help prevent becoming dehydrated, you should drink enough water. Ensure you drink between six and eight glasses of water each day. The stool will get softer and feel less constipated if you drink more water. Lowering the pressure will ease the discomfort and muscle spasms in the anal area.

Increase fiber intake

The most common reason for anal fissures in adults is constipation. To soften the stool and ease constipation, up your usual fiber intake. Consuming fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain bread, rice, and pasta, will promote the healing of the fissures by removing the pressure brought on by constipation.

Every day, adults should consume eighteen grams of fiber. Consume high-fiber foods such as Oat brans, flaxseeds, soy milk, soy products, legumes like dried beans, peas, lentils, fruits and vegetables, and whole-grain foods.

Petroleum Gel

A wide variety of uses can be found for petroleum jelly. You could, for example, apply petroleum jelly to the anal area. The use of petroleum jelly will help relax the skin. You can use it as frequently as you need to throughout the day.

Have one banana daily

Fiber from bananas is a healthy source and may assist with constipation. Banana is high in pectin, resistant starch, and fiber. The combination of pectin and resistant starch aids in stool clearance and is thus an excellent addition to your diet if you suffer from anal fissures.

Ghee should be part of your diet.

In Ayurveda, ghee is used for anal fissures. Butyrate acid is found in ghee. This fatty acid aids digestion. Ghee is considered a natural laxative. One teaspoon of ghee mixed with milk is recommended to ease bowel motions.

Sitz bath

Sitz baths are simply warm water baths used for healing or purification. Regular Sitz baths are an effective self-care method for anal fissures. Take a Sitz bath for around twenty minutes twice a day. Use warm water for the Sitz bath. Only the hips and buttocks should be submerged in the bath. You can have a Sitz bath using a kit or in your bathtub.


Anal fissures can decrease your quality of life and cause pain. The best part is that most fissures will mend independently at home. The secret is to reduce suffering while encouraging the injured area to heal.

Still, fissures should always be treated with the assistance of a fistula surgeon near me.

It will give you the best chance of recovering from the fissure without developing any long-term issues. Keeping an eye out for more severe conditions will also ensure they do not go unnoticed.