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Do Your Bitto Save Health and Environment – Avoid Overflowing Waste Disposal Bins

Waste management has become one of the most severe problems in many parts of the world. You must keep things under control in your own locality, so that overflowing waste from bins does not pose health and environmental hazards for you that get out of control. Do you know that so many health problems actually come up just because of the mismanagement of waste materials?

If you don’t, then you should be aware of how the overflowing or poorly managed waste bins are posing a threat to health and cleanliness in every society.

The role of waste bins

People often mistakenly understand that the purpose of waste bins is to collect waste as you throw garbage into it now and then and always. But that is not true. The role of the bin indeed is to collect garbage, but not forever and in a continuous process without emptying the previous contents of the bin.

The bin needs to be unloaded at intervals, and the bin must not reach a saturation point and overflow. Overflowing bins with garbage spilling from the top pose high health and environmental hazards. Here are discussed some of the most common environmental hazards you would see from spilling waste bins and baskets.


Pollution can be of many types. An overflowing bin contributes to mainly air pollution, and water pollution. They are most common and bring in many problems. Decomposing garbage in bins emits toxic fumes, gases, and smells. They may stay as it is and pollute the air, and also may come in contact with moisture and other gases in air and water to create more toxic harmful substances.

Altogether the small and toxicity in the air from the overflowing garbage can be disastrous and affects health and well-being. Also, many pathogens which are airborne get carried in this mode to humans and affects by coming in contact with the skin, eyes, or respiratory system.

Water pollution also affects dangerously. Rainwater coming in contact with garbage bins flows to roads and drains and comes with human body contact and contact with other animals and plants. This water goes to sewers and also makes its path to some of the clean water resources.

The contaminated water may make entry into groundwater reserves or may get absorbed by plants and trees. In these ways, water pollution becomes another reason for health issues and epidemics.


Air and water carry germs due to decomposed garbage. The garbage may naturally decompose on its own, or may get flooded with flies and bugs, or maybe eaten by rodents, crows, and dogs, etc.

In all these ways various types of pathogens get into fresh air and water and contaminate the healthy lives of humans, pets, domestic and wild animals, plants and trees, etc. Pathogen-infected air and water pose significant health risks and are the reason for most diseases and infections.

Other health hazards

Other health hazards from sharp objects in waste bins, explosive items in bins, or items that may turn into extreme biological hazards are all various forms of problems for health, environment, life, earth, and your society.


It has been seen that outbreaks generally occur and spread through unmanaged waste which is overflowing from bins and get handled by scavenging animals and pests. This is the main route of transfer of pathogens which affects lives, and severe epidemics can wipe away civilizations too.

Chronic diseases

Many chronic diseases do not go away from some areas, towns, and countries, because the underlying cause behind that is not treated from the basic root level. With responsible handling of waste, many such problems can be successfully solved, which does not happen because people realize their duties late.

With control in the waste disposal and later proper decomposition of that waste, things can come in good control, and many chronic diseases prevalent in some regions can be controlled and wiped off with time.

Overflowing waste bins are a common sight

If the area of yours is not well managed by the local municipal council, then overflowing bins may be a common sight there. This means your area is not protected against environmental threats from the pollution from decomposing garbage.

In that case, chronic illnesses, infections, and epidemics can be a continuous problem that never leaves your back. While appealing to the local municipality to get their job done on time, you can also make some healthy steps on your own. You can be individually responsible while throwing and handling garbage.

The solution to overflowing waste bins

Small amounts of garbage that gets collected from your neighborhood into a commonplace can be managed by hiring a common garbage truck in the area for all, of course at the shared expense of all.

This truck would collect the garbage, and dispose of it daily or weekly as needed or per demand. Also for bigger volumes of garbage that may get generated from an event, festival, celebration, party, health campaign, picnic, etc., you may hire such bins or trucks from the best dumpsters in Houston, and feel proud and dutiful inside to have dumped waste responsibly. When you rent a garbage bin or vehicle, the paid service takes full responsibility to take away the garbage on time, save you from the smell of litter and pollution, and decompose it to permitted areas in the right way.


Dutiful and responsible garbage disposal is your job which you must take responsibility for by understanding its benefits, and the hazards of not doing it correctly. No health officer, government agent, or advertiser from third parties can make you realize your role in keeping your home, neighborhood, and city clean, unless you recognize the basic and advanced benefits of cleanliness and hygiene.

And as soon as you realize the benefits, the first steps would automatically be taken by you only to keep the area and environment clean by all means. It’s time you inquire about waste disposal bins and truck services.

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