How to reduce alcohol consumption naturally

(Last Updated On: 2019-06-11)

Natural Remedies To Stop Or At Least Reduce Excessive Alcohol Dependence.

Alcohol treatment is a very difficult process, and this takes constant determination and support behind it. Although we will never ask you only to rely on natural remedies and alternative ways for that support. However, we won’t deny that there are a lot of them too that can help you with reducing your alcohol dependency.

What is alcohol dependency or alcoholism?

According to Google, alcoholism or alcohol dependency is basically a self diagnosable chronic disease that happens because of uncontrollable and excessive consumption of alcohol. This chronic disease basically shows your inability to control your drinking habit. This might happen due to both emotional and physical dependence on alcohol.

Symptoms of alcohol dependency

Excessive alcohol dependency is a self-diagnosable chronic disease like Google said. The symptoms of this disease are

  • Blackouts, dizziness, shakiness, craving and even sweating.
  • Aggression, agitation, compulsive, self-destructive behavioral changes.
  • The mood will be bad in most of the times. Feeling anxiety, guilt, euphoria most of the times.
  • There also can be psychological changes as the increasing feeling of an unknown fear.
  • One affected with over alcohol dependency can also feel physical substance dependence and lacking coordination with others.

But if there is a problem, they must be some solutions too. Like we said, here is a list of natural remedies you can use to reduce your alcoholism.


A study in the year 2003, has revealed that scientists have been experimenting with rats. And they have found that the use of Kudzu, a kind of herb has helped them reduce the animal’s alcohol dependence. To give this research a strong base a study in 2005 revealed that the consumption of the herb named kudzu has helped alcohol addicted people to reduce their alcohol consumption rate. You can also consume a medicine called naltima 50mg (naltrexone) for alcohol dependence and champix (varenicline) to quit smoking after proper consultation with your doctor from online pharmacy.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is another herb easily available in the world and can help you detoxicating your liver that has been damaged by excessive alcohol consumption. The seeds of Milk Thistle believed to have amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. It is very often used as home remedies to detoxify your liver.

Nux Vomica

Although the name of this does not seem any closer to a plant, it is a plant though. Mainly produced from a tree named Strychnos nux-vomica, nux vomica used in different Chinese traditional medicines. In a study published in the Alternative and complementary medicine journal in 2001, they said nux vomica has a great effect to reduce your alcohol intake, helping to fight against alcoholism this way.


This had to be the very first thing on the list. Because there might be people for whom alcohol consumption can be a way to stress reliever. And reducing alcohol consumption as mentioned takes a lot of determination too. Thus, for those who have excessive alcohol consumption and who want to make it less can try meditation. This gives you a lot of positive vibes and helps you focus on a particular goal too. Meditation also can be an amazing stress reliever at times too. So, this is another way to stop alcoholism.

Limited alcohol consumption might be proven beneficial, but its excessive use is harmful to your body. So, try these home remedies to fight against alcoholism and to have a healthy and happy life.


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