Main Reasons Why People Use Drugs

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The human being is the only creature that can pay any cost to be happy, but essentially to be happy, one has to choose between negative and positive ways and today many people choose negative methods in which adopting intoxication is most prevalent. In most drug-addicted cities, USA, 52,404 people are dying every year.

So it is important to ask the question here that by using drugs, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, smack, and marijuana why do they push themselves into hell. In addition to keeping themselves happy, there are several reasons. However, we have included only the main reasons here. But it is enough to understand for the addicts or their family members that why do they use drugs?

drug and alcohol use

Prolonged addicted family

If the history of a family has linked to drug addiction then it is true that someone of that family follows the drug addiction because it is genetically connected to family members. And in this way, due to hereditary transfer, people become addicted to drugs indirectly.


Some substances such as nicotine and alcohol are legal therefore people do not feel bad about them. And prescription drugs, street drugs, and nicotine these are also easily available due to which they can easily use them, then it is natural to get into the clutches of addiction.

Stress from peers and society

Every person learns the same what the society around him and his friend taught him. In adolescence, many peers put pressure to follow the same what are others doing. It has also emerged in the case of the drugs. Due to pressure from friends, teens are gotten ready to experience the effects of drugs. When it comes to society, people join others, they attend social gatherings, celebrations and people can be stimulated for using drugs there.

Withdrawal symptoms

People start using treatment drugs to get rid of mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These disorders make some people so upset that they agree to do anything to cure them. And by using these pills for a long time, people turn towards addiction. However, is tried to get rid of these pills but without these pills, it seems impossible. As a result, physical disorders increase which stimulates their craving more. Thus, their dose increases continuously. And it becomes difficult for them to get out of the clutches of drugs. In this way, it is the major reason for people to be involved in drug addiction.

Prescribed Medication

Regarding prescribed medication, often people think that it cannot be harmful. Many times it happens that the doctor prescribes the drug for someone and we assume that yes, I have the same problem and start using the same medicine which affects us negatively. Apart from this, some people believe that the prescription given by the doctor is safe and start misusing it due to which there is a possibility of being addicted.

Emotional problems

People use drugs because of emotional problems in which anger, depression, anxiety, and stress are considered major. In an attempt to get immediate relief from these emotional problems, we consider the use of drugs as right. Drugs are also used to increase concentration and courage. Not only this, the drug considered to be helpful to deal with emotions that generated from various events. However, drugs help you but temporarily and because of this tendency people become addicted to it.

Stimulants for fun and pleasure

Drugs are used mostly for fun and pleasure because any person wants to get more happiness in his life and for this, they can go to any extent. Although there are many ways in which human beings can experience happiness but most people believe that using drugs is an easy way to get happiness quickly. Besides, it stops boredom and pain; it helps them to forget problems. And thus, people enjoy pleasurable feelings through drugs and in the hope of making this realization permanent drugs are used constantly which later turns into an addiction.


A lot of people get to connect with addiction through experimenting. Anyone who used it tells that it is one of the most different and best feelings of their life because it gives a lot of happiness to the brain than other things but you cannot set dose limits and gradually the dose increases to get more pleasure. However, this experiment may start with smoking or alcohol, but probably end up on cocaine and heroin. Therefore, people get involved in drug addiction due to experimentation.

Childhood trauma

This is also one of the reasons people take drugs. Studies have shown that if someone had to face traumatic events in childhood, then they become addicted to drugs to overcome those painful memories. Some of these traumas are family feuds, the divorce of parents, sexual abuse, and strict environment.


Some people try to cure unknown and untreated illnesses by using drugs. They include drugs in the hope of recovery which reduces the pain for a while but later the situation worsens.


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