Rain Shower Head Pros and Cons – Should You Get One for Yourself?

rain shower head

One of the most significant decisions for your bathroom decor is the showerhead choice. If you need a showerhead that could give you a spa-like feeling, you should try the best rain showerhead.

It is a luxurious shower head for many reasons and could give you the feeling of rain. The features of this shower head come with a setting that allows you to adjust the water pressure according to your need.

It is very popular among people because you would feel more relaxed and want to spend a lot of time in your shower. There are some advantages as well as some disadvantages. In this article, we are going to tell you about the pros and cons of rain showerheads.

What is exactly a rain shower head?

Rain showerheads are bigger than other showerheads that come in different sizes and shapes. Usually, you would find them run about 6-10 inches wide but some large models have more coverage.

The rain showerheads are mostly made with all metals like chrome or stainless steel or sometimes plastic. It is mounted over the ceiling which allows the fall of the water on the whole body such as the rainwater. They are in circular shapes often with many holes.

They allow the water to reach every part of your body that’s why you could clean and bathe your whole body easily. This means the time you are spending in the shower would end up in good results.

Pros of the rain showerhead:

Easy installation:

You don’t have to call a plumber to install this type of showerhead. Some of the rain showerheads come along with threaded attachments and you could easily screw them into the pipe of your old showerhead.

Rainfall experience:

Rain showerheads pour water down on your head to the parts of your body. You would really feel like rainfall from the sky. After having a tiring day, this experience would help you spend a relaxing time.

Smooth and gentle flow:

These showerheads flow water more smoothly and gently. Traditional jet heads produce such water flow that may feel hard on your body. But the adjustment features allow you to control the pressure.

Moreover, the soft streams create a calm effect on your skin and the hard streams could create a massaging effect. This is probably the main advantage of having a rain shower head in your bathroom.

Overhead mount:

As I said before, rain shower heads are ceiling-mounted and you could wash from the head to the feet at one time. You don’t need to waste your time getting the water to reach all the parts of your body. Thus, they are time-saving also.

Easy to clean and customize:

One of the benefits of having this type of showerhead is the swivel joints by which you could focus on the part that you want or don’t want to start from your head.

The rubberized nozzles of this showerhead are very easy for cleaning. You could remove the debris or dirt just by wiping those nozzles using your hand.

Quicker showering:

As the water flows equally on the body, you would pass less time in your bathroom. This means you would use less water and save money from it.

Hands-free bathe:

You could enjoy a shower that is hands-free as it is mounted on the ceiling. Persons with arthritis or shaky hands would like rain showerheads instead of handheld showerheads.

Aesthetic design:

Who doesn’t want an attractive and stylish shower head in the bathroom? The rain showerheads may be the most attractive and beautiful fixture. The latest rain showerheads come with aesthetic models and styles that make them unique.

Cons of a rain showerhead:


Price is an important factor to consider when it comes to buying the latest designed showerhead. You have to pay about a hundred dollars or even more to buy a rain showerhead.

Moreover, features like hydrotherapy, eco-saving mode, and hand-held units could increase the cost further. Premium materials such as stainless steel or chrome also wouldn’t make the showerhead cheap.

If you don’t have enough money, you should use your old traditional showerhead. Otherwise, invest to make your bathroom luxurious.


Rain showerheads cover your whole body parts from the top. For avoiding to wet the hair, these showerheads make it difficult. If you want to lather, you have to turn off the shower or step away.

But sometimes, they come with adjustable mounts which could solve your problem. You have to fix a dual-shower system to get the advantage but it is costly.

Water usage:

Rain showerheads don’t use water more than the regular ones. But they make you more relaxed and for this reason, you may spend more time and use more water. it is necessary to be conscious of the environment when showering. many options for you have a water-saving feature. So, choose one that could satisfy your conscious heart.

Installation issues:

It is a bit tricky to install a rain showerhead as you have to consider things like the height of the ceiling and the width of the shower space.

You would need a stand for reaching the ideal height or install extra water piping that requires installation by a professional. Some of these showerheads come along with a shower arm which makes the process easy to install.


After all of the discussion above, you should research both pros and cons and choose the right one. But choosing the rain shower head is probably the best choice because you and your family members would enjoy it more. Whatever you choose, just try avoiding wasted effort, time, and money.

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