Purify Your Blood to avoid Skin Problems

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Purification of the blood is very crucial for the healthy functioning of the body.

The whole body functioning depends on blood supply.

When the toxin level increases, the body organs gradually damage and start to under-perform. Allergies, low immunity, constant headaches, fatigue are few common symptoms which show that there are impurities and toxins in the body.

Impure blood can lead to health and skin problems. Several skin problems like pimples, acne, dark blemishes, dull and dry skin are due to impure blood in the body. You need to focus on a detox diet which includes foods that can purify the blood.

Blood Purifying Foods For The Skin



The green vegetable has antioxidants which cleanse the blood, removes toxins and impurities in the body which are harmful to the health.



Drinking a glass of cabbage juice is a very good home remedy for cleansing the blood.


Green leafy vegetables have chlorophyll which removes impurities in the blood and cleanses it.

Bitter Gourd

Purify Your Blood to avoid Skin Problems

The bitter taste of the gourd offers numerous health benefits like reducing diabetes and also purifying the blood. Have steamed or boiled bitter gourd to reap its benefits.









This is a very well-known natural remedy for cleansing the blood. Boil neem leaves and have this water in the morning. It acts as a strong and natural purifier and blood cleanser.


Purify Your Blood to avoid Skin Problems







Garlic is not just an antibiotic but also a natural blood purifier herb. Garlic purifies the blood, removes free radicals in the body and also decreases fat content in the blood.

Drink water


Pure, clean water helps flush out unwanted toxins
It is important to drink the proper amount of water per your body weight. Remember, 8 glasses of water for a man who weighs 300lbs is extremely low. On the same token 8 glasses of water, a day for a man who weighs 125lbs is too much.

To determine the amount of water you need to drink a day, simply divide your body weight in half. The answer is the amount you need to drink in ounces every day.


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