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How to check for prostate cancer

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Prostate cancer is only for men because prostate gland is only in men.

Prolonged aging increases the likelihood of prostate cancer. According to the WHO report, there has been an increase in cases of prostate cancer in the last two decades. This type of cancer is more likely to occur in the prostate gland of men over 60. The prostate gland is one of the sizes of the nut that is around the urine tube. Its work is to create a liquid substance present in work semen. We are telling you about seven types of the prostate which every man should know.

7 Things Related To the Prostate Cancer Must Be Known To Men


Symptoms of prostate cancer

Problems in Urinating


The problem in urinating is the major symptom of prostate cancer. There is a problem in urinating due to the progression of the prostate gland. Symptoms of frequent urination in the night, sudden urination of urine, problems in preventing urination, etc. are shown in prostate cancer. If the problem persists for several days, do not ignore it, it can be cancer.

Changes in Tactical


However, changes in the testicles can be a sign of testicular cancer. But there are tests in prostate gland which can change due to prostate cancer. If the size of your testicles is increasing then do not ignore it. Apart from this, any change in the testicles can be related to prostate cancer. Check your testicles regularly, test the testicles yourself. If you see any kind of change, check it out.



Blood will also be accompanied by urine due to prostate cancer, apart from the stool, blood can also be released. In adding to the prostate tumor, blood is released in collagen, kidney and bladder cancer. Continuous bleeding can also be a symptom of cancer. If there is cancer, then the blood goes out over the rectum. Although this problem occurs after the age of 50, due to the current lifestyle it can be at any age.

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Skin Change


If there is any change in the skin in any part of the body, contact the doctor. An abnormal change in the skin can be the earliest symptom of cancer. If a person’s skin is becoming dull or black inexplicably then do not ignore it. Yellowing of the skin may also be an early symptom of prostate cancer.

Back Pain


If you do a lot of work and sit on the chair for long, then it is normal to have pain in the back, back and etc. But without any problem, continuous pain in any part of the body can be a symptom of cancer. If there is a continuous pain in the back, it can be the cause of colorectal or prostate cancer. Apart from this, the muscles around the waist also have pain. Do not ignore this.

Lose Weight


If your weight is decreasing for no reason, then there may be an early symptom of cancer. Without any effort to lose weight the body weight can be reduced by more than 10 pounds, it can be seen as the primary symptom of cancer. After cancer, food does not digest well and digestion also does not work properly, due to which the weight of the body starts decreasing.

Fatigue and Fever


On prostate cancer, the person’s body’s immune system weakens which in turn indications to the possibility of body illnesses. Normally the body is unable to defend the flu from the flu. There are frequent symptoms of prostate cancer, such as regular coughing, fever, fatigue problems, etc. Apart from this, there is a change in the person’s mouth too.

Stages of Prostate cancer

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