Monday, June 1, 2020
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Property price trends at Woodfield, E-City

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Shahbaz Ahmed
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Leaning towards the southern region of Bangalore, deep within the fold of Bommasandra, lies the Provident Plotted Development Woodfiled plots. It happens to be a well known and often sought for suburb due to its unique position, fostering multiple industries of various goods and products. Prior to the birth of industries in this region, it was most commonly referred to as were Kelaginahalli in Kannada and as Diguvapalli in Telugu.

 The surrounding regions of this extremely important place happen to include several areas of high significance as well, such as Magadi, Malur and Ramanagaram. As Bommasandra happens to have a pretty impressive range of land to itself, it is developing on a speedy pace that cannot be matched easily, being targeted by numerous developers in order to construct and fill up the space to make the most of it, bringing a wider range of area to people for use, in terms of residential or commercial factors. The real estate development in this region is perhaps the one factor that is taking the lead despite the immensely fast pace of all the rest. Provident Woodfield and provident plots always provide quality services to their clients.

There are various factors for the growth of the real estate sector in Bommasandra. The growth of the aforementioned real estate springs from several important factors that one considers. The primary factor is the close proximity of the area to the booming technological land of the Electronic City, lying in the centre of Banagalore, all round proving to be a location one can find extremely hard to pass up on. This place continues to spiral to the top due to the ever increasing number of industries developing in the area. The BNMRP construction of a Metro in its second phase, that is bound to be anything but satisfactory, vastly connecting people all over the area by easing their commute and reducing their travel time significantly. With such growth, it is expected that the demand for the plots in Bommasandra will further increase in the future.

The infrastructure in Bommasandara keeps on taking a turn for the best, developing grandly into two discrete levels, namely physical and social, catering to all the specifications that one may have. It is an area facilitated with numerous schools, that happen to be well reputed and sought for, namely Sorsfort Internation School, and Ebenezer Internation School. 

With regard to healthcare, the region operates some of the most devoted facilities such as Sparsh Hospital and Ramakrishna Health Care. The primary feature of this area, however, that promotes the never ending growth that has begun here so far, centers around the growth of several big-shot industries such as Titan Industries Limited, Biocon, SFK India, Contimental AG, and more, within the region of Bommasandara itself. Hence, it is, without a doubt, extremely sufficient for people to consider pros such as industrial development and future importance while factoring in the pros and cons of places such as this. It can be the pinnacle of success to choose wisely amongst such areas. 



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