Pregnancy health insurance coverage

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Important Things to Know about Pregnancy Cover under your Health Insurance Policy

Being a pregnant woman comes with its own set of challenges and it is imperative to have certain things in place before taking the plunge, especially for women who juggle between work and home responsibilities. At the time of choosing a family health insurance plan that covers different facets of your life, as a woman, or as a man who is looking for a suitable health insurance policy for his wife/daughter certain important points are advisable to make a note of. 

The advanced medical facilities and getting treatment at a good hospital is getting expensive by the days and is often not possible for everyone to be able to bear the cost all at once at the time of delivery of the child. Hence, the best health insurance policy must cover maternity coverage. Having maternity coverage in place comes with a lot of benefits and at the same time helps to bear the cost of a normal pregnancy which includes labor time and delivery of the child as well. There are some pregnancy insurance plans which bears the cost of the newborn and its related expenses as well and helps in having a stress free pregnancy.

There are some expenses listed below which one should make a note of before choosing a maternity plan as a good one should cover the following. One should also keep in mind that the degree of coverage might vary with different insurers. 

1. Hospitalization Expenses 

A good policy should cover both pre and post-hospitalization expenses. In this, usually, the pre expenses that are incurred before the insured person is hospitalized is covered. The post expenses that are covered mostly include the policy which helps to take care of the mother and the child post the delivery

2. Prenatal and Postnatal Expenses 

The expense covered under this includes the cost of the doctors’ consultation fees along with the medication cost. This together is known as the childcare cost. 

3. Delivery Charges 

Some charges are incurred when the pregnant lady is admitted to the hospital which is the cost of the bed or the room where she is kept. The expenses for this are covered under this policy head however different policies cover different expenses and should be considered before choosing the policy.

4. Vaccination Cost 

Once the child is born it is essential to get certain vaccination shots done for the child to prevent it from diseases and infection. Certain maternity policies offer the option of getting the cost of vaccination covered for the first year of the child whereas some cover the cost for up to a period of twelve years. 

5. Newborn Coverage 

Along with the coverage of expenses of the mother, a dual policy is put in place which also covers the expenses of the newborn as well. 

It is important to note that the maternity cost does not come into existence as soon as any health insurance policy is purchased but comes into play after a certain wait period which usually lasts between 2-6 years. This waiting period differs from the different policies being offered and should be kept in mind before finalizing on one that is appropriate. 

Also, the premium of the maternity coverage tends to increase with age, and the more it is delayed, the more will be the cost of the policy. 

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