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11 Easy Tips To Minimize Large Pores On The Skin

Pores are openings on the surface of the skin from which hair grows and through which sweat and oil from the glands flow to the surface. Large pores are a common concern among many people having oily skin, particularly during puberty.

One unknown fact is that the size of the pore depends on the size of the oil gland under it. At puberty, the hormones produce more oil, and to accommodate the increased oil flow, the pores get enlarged quickly.

Large pores can lead to acne, blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. Also, makeup products and certain practices can make your pore appear larger.

There is no permanent way to shrink the size of the pores but a few tips could help you minimize them to a certain extent. One among them includes removing water from the stratum corneum cells.

Here Are A Few Tips Which Are Found To Be Effective In Minimizing Those Large Pores On The Skin:

1. Cleanse Your Skin Well:

This is an easy tip to temporarily stop your pores from expanding. Cleansing your face often can help you get rid of the extra oil from the skin. Pick a gentle cleanser that caters to your skin’s necessities. Using a good cleanser for your skin is an easy and effective way to stop your pores from accumulating more oil.[1]

2. Use Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice works effectively in minimizing the large pores on the skin. The natural enzymes in lemon juice are responsible for tightening the skin pores apart from purifying and lightening your skin.

Prepare a mixture by adding one tbsp. of lemon juice, one tbsp. of cucumber puree, and one tbsp. of rosewater. Apply on the large pores of your skin and wash off after 15minutes.[2]

3. Pick A Good Astringent:

Choose a good astringent that contains alcohol, water, and other cleansing agents. Astringents or fresheners for oily skin often contain more alcohol and works effectively in making the pores look small in size.[3]

Alcohol helps in removing the water from the stratum corneum cells, thus making them flat, and thereby making those large pores appear smaller in size.

4. Use Egg Whites:

Egg whites can temporarily minimize the size of the pores on your face. Whisk one egg white along with a tbsp. of cornstarch until frothy. Smear it on your face and wash off after 20minutes once it dries.[4]

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5. Pick Scrub Cleansers:

A good scrub cleanser helps exfoliate the dead skin cells on the skin which might otherwise lead to blackheads and whiteheads.

Gently exfoliating with a scrub cleanser can help remove the top stratum corneum cells, thus reducing the thickness of that top layer. This can make the pores appear small in size.[5]

6. Try Papaya Face Masks:

Papaya face mask works effectively in tightening the pores. Apply mashed papaya pulp on your face as it helps in shrinking the large pores by deeply cleansing, purifying, and exfoliating the skin of blackheads, whiteheads, oil residue, and impurities, thus unclogging the pores on the face.[6]

7. Avoid Moisturizers:

Applying moisturizers on the face can make the pores appear larger. So, better avoid using moisturizers on your face.[7]

8. Use Tomato:

Tomato contains astringent properties and works effectively in minimizing the appearance of the large pores on your face. Apply tomato pulp directly on the face and let it act for 10-15minutes. [8]Tomatoes help in removing the excess oil and tightening the skin.

For best results, add a tbsp. of lemon juice along with a tsp. of tomato pulp. Apply it on the skin and wash off after 10minutes. This remedy even helps in getting rid of the blemishes on the skin.

9. Use Cleansing Clay Masks:

A good cleansing mask can provide deep cleansing apart from minimizing the size of the pores. Clay masks work effectively in minimizing the size of the pores as they reduce the quantity of water in the stratum corneum cells. A clay mask can even help clear off the top layer of the stratum corneum cells as well.[9]

10. Apply Yogurt:

Yogurt is considered effective in tightening the skin’s pores. Apply plain yogurt on the areas having large pores and wash off after a few minutes.

This is an excellent way to reduce the pore size apart from tightening the skin. The lactic acid in yogurt helps reduce the pore size, eliminating dead skin cells, tightening skin, and unclogging pores.[10]

11. Pick Oil-Absorbing Foundation:

Pick foundation and makeup products that work best for acne and oily skin people. They absorb the skin oil as well as moisture from the surface of the skin, thus making the pores appear smaller.[11]