What Are the Most Popular Wedding Rental Item


A wedding is like a clock: It has a lot of moving parts. No matter how you envision your big day, there are a lot of little details to remember. Here are six of the most popular wedding rental items.

Tables and Chairs

It makes no difference if your guests will be dining on an elegant four-course meal or simply noshing on scrumptious hors d’oeuvres: They’re going to need a place to sit and a place to rest their cocktails. Taking the size of your reception space into account is imperative for table rentals. Once you have those dimensions, you can make decisions about table shapes, sizes and styles, and choose chairs to match.

As you select materials and finishes, don’t forget about the extra tables and chairs you might need, too:

  • A table for cards and gifts
  • A dessert table
  • A table for the seating arrangement and guest book
  • A few extra chairs just in case your cousin in Albuquerque who never RSVPed decides to show up after all
  • Chairs for the band to take a break

Table Linens

Partygoers celebrate with all five senses. Banish bare tabletops with colourful, touchable linens and napkins. You have virtually endless options when it comes to textiles, patterns and price points. Still, it’s generally a good idea to hold off on selecting tablecloths and the like until you’ve chosen your tables and chairs.


While your napkin choices are practically limitless, your centrepiece options are endless. Items such as picture frames, vases and ornate candle holders are all classic centrepiece choices, but even if you’re after something less traditional, like vintage oil lamps or ’80s action figures, there’s likely a route for renting the items you need.


Rent candle holders, string lights or paper lanterns for a classic yet affordable way to set a warm and inviting tone at your wedding and reception. Don’t forget the lights on the dance floor, too. Even if Aunt Frieda’s dance moves are best viewed in total darkness, your photographer will thank you.


A tent is a very, very smart idea for an outdoor wedding. It not only protects from both sunshine and unexpected showers, but it also adds a level of cosiness to the great outdoors. Renting a tent has practical benefits, too. It provides a convenient framework for hanging décor and lighting, as well as for installing speakers.

Tabletop and Bar Items

Tabletop décor is all about the details, from champagne flutes to chargers. Still, wine glass rental doesn’t have to take a hefty bite out of your wedding budget. Many vendors offer affordable packages for dinnerware, drinkware, and flatware, all of which can be geared toward your wedding’s overall vibe. Even if you’re throwing a low-key backyard barbecue bash to exchange vows, you should skip the paper plates and plastic cutlery. After all, what’s a rustic backyard wedding without Mason jar cocktails?

Whether you work with a wedding coordinator or choose to go it alone, managing all the elements of a wedding is an exciting yet daunting task. Remember your budget and summon your unique sense of style, and your big day will be one of your all-time best days.