Piles home treatment tips

Piles home treatment tips

What are the Symptoms of Piles and the Home Remedies to Cure it?

Piles or Hemorrhoids constitute a collection of tissues near the anal canal that are inflamed. This area constitutes of support tissue, blood vessels, muscle, along with elastic fibers. Symptoms of piles are mostly confusing as it can be closely associated with constipation. Hemorrhoids show detectable symptoms in about 50% of patients affected by it below 50 years of age.

Symptoms of piles


In most of the cases, piles do not show serious symptoms. They mostly resolve within days or weeks depending on the way you take care of yourself. As an individual suffering from piles, you might experience the following symptoms.


  • Feeling a hard or painful lump near the anus area that might contain blood that is coagulated. Hemorrhoids that carry blood in them are termed as Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids.
  • As soon as you pass the stool, you might still feel that you haven’t passed the entire stool inside your excretory system.
  • If you check your stool, you might notice brightly colored red spots of blood all over the stool you just passed.
  • You experience pain as you try to pass the stool.
  • The area in and around the anus gets red, sore and itchy.


Piles that has escalated into severe form might show the following symptoms:

  • Excessive and continuous bleeding from anus as you pass the stool which might lead to anemia
  • Infection in the affected area
  • Difficulty in controlling the bowel movements
  • Development of anal fistula which is a new channel that is created amidst the skin surface close to the anus and inside your anus.
  • Development of strangulated hemorrhoid that doesn’t get blood supply leading to a blood clot or infection spreading towards the inner parts of the body.

Home remedies to cure hemorrhoids


Home remedies can be effective in permanently treating piles. It is easy, safe and effective while saving you a trip to the doctor. However, these remedies are only for minor cases. People with severe cases of piles should first consult with their doctor before following any of these tips. If you are looking for easy methods on how to cure piles at home permanently, here are some proven methods to help you.

  • Warm bath inside a bathtub for at least 155-20 minutes can help bring down that swelling. When paired with a bit of Epsom salt or your apple cider vinegar, it can essentially bring down the itching and pain.
  • Use coconut oil and apply it directly to the affected area. It helps in moisturizing the area while reducing the swelling.

  • Drink a lot of water as it can help in easy passage of the stools without irritating the anus and affected
  • Consume diet with fiber and reduce the intake of calories and fat-rich food. Too many spices, oil or carbohydrates can result in the onset of piles. So make sure you consume a well-balanced diet.


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