piles home treatment tips

piles home treatment tips

how to cure piles permanently at home

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are called piles as well. When the veins in the anus and rectum are swallowed, it is called Hemorrhoids. It can be identified by itching, pain and rectal bleeding. If these symptoms are inside the anus and rectum, then it is called internal Hemorrhoid, and if they are outside, then it is called external Hemorrhoids. This is very common disease, 75 percent of the people face this it. It can have very mild to severe effects. It can go away in few days, but if you want to vanish it immediately, then you have to adopt home remedies to treat it.

Following are the remedies which can use to treat Hemorrhoids.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel can be bought directly in liquid form from the market. If it is in the liquid form, then apply it directly on Hemorrhoid. It can also be in the soups and other detergents which are used to avoid itching effects on the body. It is very effective towards the treatment of Hemorrhoids.

Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has the anti-inflammatory properties which are used to treat inflammatory skin conditions in no time. It is a gel which can be purchased from a pharmacy store, or it can be accessed directly from the Aloe Vera plant. It is inside the leaves of Aloe Vera plants in the form of the thick transparent gel. While using Aloe Vera, you have to make sure that Aloe Vera is 100% pure.

People who are allergic to onions and garlic can be allergic to Aloe Vera as well. To check the allergic effect took the dime size of Aloe Vera and applied it somewhere on your arm on the open skin on your body. If it would be safe for you, then no reaction will occur after the 24 to 48 hours of its application. Then it will be safe to apply on Hemorrhoid to get rid of it. It will remove pain and itching with its magical effects.

Warm Bath

The warm bath will help to remove the irritation and pain of hemorrhoids. You can use the small plastic tub to sit in with your bottom inside the tub, or you can use full body tub to take a bath. The water should be warm enough to make you feel about its warmness. According to the research in the Harvard Health organization, it is revealed that if you take a bath for twenty minutes with bowel moment, then bathing will be very important to soothe the itching and pain produced by hemorrhoids. The addition of Epsom salts will accelerate the process of smoothness.

Ointments and Creams

Ointments and creams like Preparation H, which can be bought without the prescription of a doctor from almost any drug store. It provides immediate smoothness and relief from irritation and swelling of hemorrhoids. It can also be used with hydrocortisone as well to make the healing procedure a bit faster. However, it should not be used more than a week. Otherwise, it can have side effects, and you should consult with some doctor.

Wipes of anti-hemorrhoid ingredients

Usage of toilet paper to clean irritation area help to avoid further damage. To boost the process of healing, you can use the wipes of anti-hemorrhoids ingredients. These ingredients can be Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera. While using the wipes, you have to make sure that these wipes don’t contain Alcohol, perfume or anything else which can cause the further irritation. If unluckily, you use these substances then they will enhance the cause instead of treating it, so it better to avoid them.

Ice Compresses

Use ice packs compresses on the anus and other swelling areas for fifteen to twenty minutes. If the hemorrhoid is in extensive form, then use it regularly almost three to five times a day. Don’t use the ice or any other thing directly to the effective skin. Always use some soft kind of cloth to wrap the ice inside it. The compresses this wrapped cloth should be used. Soft cloth or paper towel can be used to serve the purpose.

Loose Clothing

You should not use tight clothing in this situation; you need to switch your clothing with polyester and very thin cotton. Cotton underwear can help to keep the anal area clean and dry which will be helpful to reduce the symptoms. Never use aroma fabrics and softeners to reduce pain and irritation.

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