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Parasite cleanse home remedy Top herbs

Top Parasite-Killing Herbs that can Grow in Your Garden

Critters and parasites are menacing and irritating. They seem to come out of nowhere and are extremely difficult to get rid of with a singular herbal remedy. They fight back in more ways than you can think of and leave you at your wit’s end.

Much as you would want a magic herb that can kill them all, you have to depend on different pest-killing plants to get your work done. Specific herbs are known to handle specific parasites.

Fortunately, these extremely effective pest killers work naturally and can be grown in your back garden. The best thing about pest-killing herbs is that they prevent the collateral damages that are caused by drugs and prescription medicines.

Here, we have collated some effective herbs that can outwit your opponents. You may also want to use a combination of these potent herbs to kill the parasites in your environment.

Best Parasite-killing Herbs


Thyme or Thymus Vulgaris is an effective means of removing pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and other parasites. Different varieties of this culinary herb can be easily found in homes and are useful for fending off uninvited guests.

They contain eugenol, thymol, and other phytochemicals to act in natural ways on the parasites inhabiting your environment. Thyme helps eradicate different parasites including worms (helminths), one-celled (protozoan) parasites that can only be observed under the microscope, and more.

Thyme also possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It prevents the occurrence and growth of harmful bacteria like escherichia coli, bacillus cereus, clostridium perfringens, Listeria monocytogenes, staphylococcus aureus, and so forth.


Sage or salvia officinalis can be differentiated from other parasite-killing herbs through its gray-green leaves. Found in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions, sage boasts of several phytochemicals such as tannins and flavonoids.

Along with its health benefits, sage is quite effective in combating protozoan parasites and intestinal parasites like pinworms and tapeworms. The sage extract can be used for controlling different kinds of parasites such as:

Leishmania: Skin sores are the commonest type of infection caused by this parasite. They are capable of infesting your bone marrow, liver, and spleen; thereby causing internal swelling within specific body organs.

Plasmodium: This protozoan is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes malaria.

Trypanosoma cruzi: The infections caused by Trypanosoma cruzi lead to the incidence of Chagas’ disease that’s likely to trigger off eyelid swelling. Over time, this parasite may lead to severe heart-related problems as well as the enlargement of the colon and esophagus.

Other Pest-killing Herbs

Tanacetum vulgare or tansy, Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum (holy basil), senna accidental or Fregoso leaves, and black walnut hulls are some other types of pest-killing herbs that should make it to your wishlist because of their unique properties.

The list of effective parasite-repelling herbs is quite long and exhaustive. It’s important to assess your exact parasite eradication needs before you start reaching out to the growers of parasite killer herbs. Research well and invest in the best parasite-killers to get the results you deserve.