Top 21 Easy To Use Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen

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A visit to the doctor setting aside our daily routine is a herculean task. The best solution is to remain in good health always. This is possible provided that we are on the right diet, avoid accidents and injuries, and of course, are aware of basic first aid. This sounds too ideal and not at all practical.

To induce realism into our daily life, we accept minor hurdles in the form of small injuries, cuts, and bruises that are not too serious and at the same time continue healthy living. Moreover, we are aware of pollution, and maintaining a strong immune is so necessary. The need for a storehouse of essential natural medicines and painkillers are inevitable.

Natural painkillers are easy to handle, minimum allergies, no side effects and to top it all they are so accessible. In our very own kitchen and garden lies the secret to manageable cures. Simple vegetables, fruits, oils, and spices deliver relief in no time if used with patience and belief in their capacity and use for a cure or relief.

Top 21 Easy To Use Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen

1. Ginger:

Suffering from indigestion or feeling feverish and tired- the best cure o feel energetic is to drink hot water with a spoon of ginger powder. Ginger oils are also available to soothe muscle and joint pains.

2. Turmeric:

Turmeric is an all–time favorite and every kitchen stores enough of this goldmine. A bad sore throat can be quickly healed by drinking a cut glass of milk with a teaspoon of turmeric mixed into it. Cuts and bruises are healed almost immediately when a pinch of turmeric is rubbed over the cut wound. It helps in arresting infection and the healing process is quick.

3. Cloves:

Cloves are very effective for toothache relief and gingivitis, the initial stages of gum disease. For quick relief from a toothache, place a few cloves in the area where the tooth is aching and slowly suck the saliva emanated from the cloves being kept there. Gradually you will find that the area is insensitive and the pain vanishes.

Rinse your mouth daily after your meals with a teaspoon of cloves powder dissolved in warm water. It helps in arresting gingivitis and the mouth feels fresh.

4. Fennel Seeds Or Saunf:

Fennel seeds are a great relief to be chewed when one is feeling bloated. Also, fennel seeds aid in digestion.

5. Fresh Mint:

This fresh bunch of healthy greens is most essential in a kitchen. Its aromatic power helps to cure sinusitis. Chewing raw mint clears sore throat. Adding a few mint leaves in boiling water and drinking the same aids in relief from nausea or vomiting sensations.

6. Garlic:

The garlic pods have great potential in relieving earaches. When suffering from severe sinus problems, garlic pods come to our rescue. Smash two medium-size garlic pods and wrap them in a thin cotton layer and place them in your ears. The relief sets in no time.

7. Onions:

Suffering from dry eyes, one may feel the eyes literally to be hard!! This means that your eyes need to shed tears and feel relieved. Cut onions and shed the tears. Onions deliver a great relief for dry eyes, even if they help to shed only a tear or two.

8. Cucumber:

Tired eyes are freshened by placing cool cucumber rings on your eyes. They help to reduce puffiness that occurs due to tiredness and strain.

9. Sour Lime:

Ingrown toenail pain is intolerably painful. To relieve oneself from this agony, cut a sour lime into half and place the cut lime half upturned on the affected area, such that the sour lime acts as a lid on the toe.

10. Pineapple:

The juicy pineapple is the best solution to a feeling of acidity. Helps the liver in an easy digestion process. Chew the fresh cut pineapple or drink a small glass of juice with a little sugar and salt, you will feel immediately relieved.

11. Papaya:

Menstrual cramps are relieved by eating papaya during menstrual time. It helps to correct the menstrual irregularity. Stress levels are reduced by consuming papaya fruit. It also aids in high metabolism while one is feeling bloated, it is good to eat the papaya.

12. Coconut Oil:

Use coconut oil for relief from insect bites. Rub a little coconut oil over the insect bite area. It is very soothing and reduces the burning sensation. Also, coconut oil is recommended for aftershave razor cuts.

13. Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil is excellent relief for joint pains. Warm the oil before use and gently massage the oil on the lower back, hand and elbows, and knees. It aids in blood circulation and almost immediately you will tend to relax from stiff joints.

14. Mustard Oil:

Severe chest congestion with phlegm can be treated by using mustard oil and garlic. Warm mustard oil along with garlic. Apply this warm to room temperature treated mustard oil and garlic on the chest and back area. It helps to loosen the phlegm and expels it. The relief is soothing and instantaneous.

15. Salt:

Oral care is best with the use of salt. Dissolve salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth after a meal. It helps to remove food particles, fights germs, and keeps your mouth breath fresh. Gargling with warm water and salt helps to cure a sore throat.

Also, tired feet soaked in warm salt water helps to relieve the pain in your legs and you feel energetic after this treatment.

16. Baking Soda:

Mix One-fourth spoon of baking soda in a glass of water and have it when you are suffering from stomach pain or indigestion. This immediate relief is recommended for adults and not small children and babies.

17. Honey:

Mouth sores are a sure cure with honey. Apply a little honey over your mouth sores and salivate such that the saliva wets the sores. Honey is anti-inflammatory expedites healing.

18. Ice Packs:

Bee stings or any insect stings may be removed quickly by applying ice packs over the area. Continue to apply ice packs for about twenty minutes every hour. Wrap the ice cubes in a thick towel and apply this cold compress to the affected area.

This helps to cool the sting pain and gives you relief until you reach your doctor for medical aid.

19. Green Tea:

A powerful anti-oxidant, enjoy this brew when you have a headache or an aching body ready to go in for fever!! It works wonders to energize your tired self.

20. Basil Leaves And Pepper Corns:

Boil a glass of water with a few basil leaves and three to four peppercorns (coarsely ground). Filter this through a fine tea filter and add few spoons of hot milk and a little brown jaggery. This decoction is heavenly to cure a stubborn and severe cold.

21. Yogurt:

Including yogurt of low-dairy fat up to two to three servings a day, helps to check high blood pressure. Low-fat Yogurt can also be consumed when one is suffering from diarrhea. It also aids in controlling Urinary Tract infections.

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