One solution for acne pimple blackheads

One solution for acne pimple blackheads

Steaming your face to prevent acne is one of the best beauty tips to follow at any time of the year.


If you are prone to pimples and other skin problems, steaming the face has a lot of benefits.

Not only Acne and Pimples, steaming bits of help in lightening the acne scars it also removes tan by improving the texture and complexion wrinklesblackheads, whiteheads, and Insomnia.

One solution for acne pimple blackheads

How to do the Face Streaming: The Procedure

1. Wash your face properly with clear water (don’t use soap)

2. When done, pat dry.
3. Take the pan and boil some water.
4. While the water boils, add a few drops of herbal or essential oil to the pot.
5. Dip your head in the bowl of water.
6. Cover your head with a towel and breathe in slowly.
7. Make sure you stay under the towel for only 10 minutes and not more.
8. Post steaming, wipe your face dry using a soft towel or a tissue paper.
9. If your skin is not too sensitive, use a rough towel to remove the whiteheads and blackheads.

Do this ONLY 3-5 times a week. over steaming will dry out your face and can cause more breakouts.

Hakim Sulekam Khan

Do let us know if you tried this and worked for you

your comments will let other people know about its effectiveness share with the people who are suffering from this problem its a natural remedy will not cause side effects we hope so.

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