What is a non surgical liposuction

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What is nonsurgical liposuction?

Tired many gyms and Zumba sessions to get rid of that fat and you are dreaded about surgery or health does not allow to undergo surgery, go for non-surgical liposuction to boost your metabolism and burn fat from difficult areas. Non-surgical fat reduction is safe and is a less invasive procedure and alternative to regular or the “traditional” method of liposuction. Non-surgical fat reduction is often called as “nonsurgical” liposuction, but really, it isn’t liposuction at all. Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure involving small incisions in which the tube is inserted into the fatty area. This fat is then sucked out through the cells resulting in the permanent fat reduction of those fat cells.[1]

Non-surgical can be one of those procedures which use heat, cooling or lasers, and sound waves to destroy the fat cells which will be removed from the body’s metabolic products. It should be limited to small stubborn areas that remain after an adequate diet and exercise program or patients who cannot undergo surgery, To be fully effective multiple treatments are required. There are the number of nonsurgical removal of fat which may be laser or light assisted therapy, cryo or freezing therapy. Each type works at destroying the cell membrane which overtime may appear to melt that fat away.

Non-surgical liposuction procedure

Step1 Consult a cosmetic surgeon if you wouldn’t like to go for surgery to get your fat loss rectified without any side effects and with contouring the affected areas.

Step 2 Your measurements are taken along with your photographs to check how effectively your treatment or the process is working.

Step 3 Non-surgical fat reduction is just what it says means non-surgical. There are no incisions that mean its non-invasive procedure. A non-invasive procedure involving radio frequency of laser or heat waves to reduce the fat is a perfect way to get rid of fat non surgically without any side effects. The perfect contouring which can be achieved from the art of surgeon is what our plastic surgeons’ aim and targets. This the latest non-invasive procedure to treat excess fat around the abdomen area.

Step 4 Heat is mild with the heating pad on low to medium setting. It just gives warmth and a pleasant feeling. There is absolutely nothing resembling pain or discomfort. The hardest part of the treatment is that you can’t use your phone during it. Because of the mechanics of electrodes metal and signaling devices can break the machine.

Step 5 When 45 minutes are up the device is removed from the body and mechanically massaging therapy as add on therapy is done to aid in the removal of fat cells and the added benefit is a tightening effect. Your measurements are taken again to see the desired results.

Preparation before the procedure.

It doesn’t require any pre-procedure preparation and can often be done during the day with quick recovery to daily activities. The actual fat reduction takes place throughout treatment you need to be a little patient. Because it is more external treatment its difficult to target the fat loss in question. Targeting will also be difficult as the physician should be skilled enough to know that the fat cells are getting destroyed. It is a painless procedure and requires a series of treatment of 45 minutes each spaced at the 1-week gap.

Non-invasive procedures with no incisions and less recovery time, less swelling and pain greatly reduced the chance of post-procedure complications such as infection. Results may last as long as you maintain the appropriate weight taken during the procedure.

Liposuction, under expert guidance, is highly effective and more accurate and can be used in a variety of conditions where difficult areas need to be targeted. The expert targets to be highly accurate in fat reduction with a minimum of post-surgical complications. An expert plastic surgeon would help you in achieving perfect contours who simply need some additional help to burn stubborn fat which does not go away.

non-surgical liposuction cost in India

The cost in India depends on the kind of clinic you choose. Remember to choose an efficient clinic with an expert doctor’s advice a trained team who can guide you perfectly about the procedure. The cost of the entire package would be around 75,000 to 95,000 depending on the multiple areas covered and the stubborn fat.

Non-surgical liposuction faqs

What is the recovery time of non-surgical liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction has less to no recovery time.

Is it a painless procedure?

Yes, it is a painless procedure.

When can I see the results?

A typical treatment of non-surgical liposuction would show effective results in 4 sessions.

How can I maintain it without surgery?

You need to maintain diet and exercise along with it so that the body does not deposit fat again.

What are the risks?

Risks of non-surgical liposuction are minimal. You may get inflammation of the fat where it looks firm and tender but this is temporary.

Is Non-surgical Liposuction safe?

Yes, Surgical liposuction is a safe treatment and have no adverse health reactions.

Can it be performed when pregnant?

No, it is not recommended to pregnant females. However, post-pregnancy is recommended.

How can i choose which kind of liposuction is best for me?

A dedicated expert will help you to choose the perfect procedure for your type of body.

What is the healing time?

You can resume your daily activities after the procedure with light exercises and a controlled diet to maintain weight.

What is the age that i can step in for liposuction?

The matured age for an ideal candidate for non-surgical liposuction is 15 years and above.

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