Newborn cold home remedies

(Last Updated On: 2019-04-19)

Hey, guys, I hope you all are doing good. Here I am with my another post on Newborn baby cold home remedies. Babies are the most cutest gift of the god so it is necessary to keep this precious gift with too much care as they are very sensitive and prone to many diseases. One of the diseases is cold which is very common especially in winters. Although medicines are available for this disease at every medical store newborn babies are very sensitive and taking as many medicines may affect their internal organs adversely. Home remedies are the best medicines to get away cold in the newborn baby in a natural way that will not harm their body adversely.

Here I am sharing some best home remedies which you can use while treating the cold of your little one.


Salt Water Spray

This remedy is one of the best and simple home remedy which helps in making the layer of mucus thin. You can easily make this saline spray at home just you need to have some warm water in a cup, add some salt in it (a pinch) and let it to get cool. Use this solution with the help of dropper so that every drop of it can easily pass through the nasal passage of your newborn.


Rest more

Cold becomes a restless situation for your baby and as he or she is so young to tell anything about their pain and restlessness it becomes the more complicated situation. It requires much energy for infant to get rid of a cold in that case only you need to take care of this thing that he or she should take more rest. Indulge your baby in some activity so that he or she will sleep by tiredness. Taking rest will helps in faster recovery from cold.




This is the most recommended and best home remedy in cold. Giving steam to the infant in cold will give him relax from problems like chest congestion, runny nose, and other cold-related problems. While giving steam to your baby keep the baby at a good distance from a hot bowl containing steam as it may harm his body.


Baby Vicks rub

To recover from cold it is very necessary for the baby to take proper sleep which gets lost in a cough and cold disease. Giving a rub by using Vicks on baby chest and neck and feet of the baby and covering their feet with shocks especially in winter give him a nice sleep without discomfort.


Cloves of garlic and mustard oil

Only a few people know that they can use garlic and mustard oil as a medicine in cold. Garlic has so many benefits for the human body as it acts as an antioxidant, anti-infection, antiviral and much more. To use this remedy you need to boil some cloves of garlic in mustard oil, let it down to cool for a while and then apply it on the neck, chest, and feet of the baby.

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