Natural remedies for polyps in uterus

Symptoms of polyps in uterus

In the nose: chronic difficulty in breathing through the nose.

In the colon: Bleeding or a mucous drainage from the rectum are common symptoms.

In the bladder: Blood in the urine.

In the cervix: A heavy watery, bloody, discharge from the vagina. Bleeding may occur after intercourse, between periods, and after menopause.

Causes of polyps in uterus

Polyps (polyposis) are growths of various sizes and are especially found in certain portions of the mucous membranes: the nose, large intestine (colon), bladder, and cervix. They are especially common in the rectum and the portion of the colon just above that (the sigmoid).

These growths are benign (that is, not cancerous) and, growing on stalk-like structures, look something like narrow mushrooms. They tend to be hereditary.

Nasal polyps

Generally, when the nose is clogged, the cause is a heavy cold or possibly chronic catarrh. But it can be nasal polyps. These are a special kind of tumor, which usually form as a result of a chronic infection in a sinus or in persons having allergies. Surgical removal is done to remove them.

Colon and rectal polyps

These growths in the outlet end of the colon can become cancerous. A colectomy is the surgical removal of these polyps, but is generally done, not by cutting out the polyps, but by removing part of the colon! Sometimes the rectum is left in place and the small intestine is connected to it. But, whether this drastic operation is performed or not, the polyps generally return. Bleeding from the colon can be a sign of polyps or of cancer.

Bladder polyps:

The medical route is a removal of the bladder. Unless they are removed, by natural methods or unnatural, bladder cancer may result.

Cervical polyps:

These polyps line the inside of the cervix of the uterus and are more common in women who have not had children. They rarely return after being removed.

Home Remedies for polyps in uterus

A Wisconsin research team discovered that the polyps in most of their patients either lessened or disappeared entirely when they were placed on a high vitamin C diet. The body is attempting to get rid of various waste products; it needs help doing the job.

Vitamin C; more water drinking; nutritious food; a high-fiber diet; and the elimination of processed, fried, and junk foods greatly helps. Take some type of supplemental fiber daily. Be sure to increase your water intake at the same time you increase your fiber intake.

  • Stop eating meat products. They load the body with impurities which must be eliminated. Only eat wholesome food. Stop using caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • Those who eat the most saturated fat are twice as likely to develop polyps.
  • Use those natural substances which tend to cleanse the body of toxins: garlic, burdock, goldenseal, red clover, etc.
  • Surgical removal of the polyp is often relatively safe, a minor procedure, and done on an outpatient basis.

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