how to treat neuritis

how to treat neuritis

Home remedies for nerve damage

Neuritis refers to an irritation of the nerves, be it a single nerve or a sequence of nerves At occasions,

a number of completely different teams of nerves in numerous a part of the physique could also be concerned

This situation is called polyneuritis. he major signs of neuritis are a tingling and burning sensation, and stabbing pains in the affected nerves. In extreme instances, there could also be numbness, lack of sensation, and paralysis of the close by muscular tissues.

Thus nonpermanent paralysis, of the face muscular tissues could consequence from adjustments within the facial nerve on the affected facet.

Throughout the acute stage of this situation, the affected person could not be capable of shut his eyes as a consequence of a lack of regular tune and power of the muscular tissues on the affected facet of the face.

Natural Home remedies for neuritis


  1. Researchers say that everyone the nutritional vitamins of Vitamin B group assist in stopping and curing neuritis. The combos of B, B2, and B12 together with pantothenic acid are confirmed to be useful for neuritis. It will assist not solely curing neuritis, however, may also nourish your nervous system. This is among the fashionable residence treatments for neuritis.
  1. A few of the naturopath’s counsel that utilizing uncooked carrots and spinach additionally assist treating neuritis. For this, you may have at the very least half a liter of the mixed uncooked juices of spinach and carrots. Take 300 ml of carrots and 200 ml of spinach juice. This is among the fashionable residence treatments for neuritis.
  1. One of the crucial, vital residence treatments for neuritis is the utilization of Soya bean milk. A cup of this milk is to be blended with one tsp of honey and is taken at night time on the common foundation.
  1. Barley brew can be thought of to be good residence treatment for neuritis. Barely brew is ready by boiling quarter of the cup of pearled barley rain in half a cup of water. That is stored on fireplace until it turns into 1/four the. That is then rigorously strained, and at the time of taking, it’s blended with ½ glass of buttermilk and juice of ½ lime.
  1. Utilization of the orange flowers can be thought of to be good for treating neuritis. The water distilled type these flowers is claimed to be refreshing and stimulating the nervous system. It’s to be taken on a common foundation. This is among the good residence treatments for neuritis.
  1. One ought to keep away from wheat bread, sugar, and refined cereals. A lot of these the meals worsen the case of neuritis.
  1. Fish, tinned meats, espresso, tea, and condiments are additionally to be prevented to forestall the additional injury as a consequence of neuritis.
  1. One other good residence treatment for neuritis is Epson salt baths. An individual affected by neuritis ought to be given two to a few scorching baths with Epson salt weekly.
  1. Do gentle workouts like strolling and different reasonable bodily actions
  1. Soak Soya beans in water for 12 hours and peel them. Crush them to a nice paste. Add water and boil it and pressure. This is among the effectively preferred residence treatments for neuritis

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Author: Dr. Izharul Hasan


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