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Natural Health Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings

Natural Health Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings

This informative article provides natural health care remedies and solutions for the casualty of insect bites and stings additionally contains guidance on prevention

Virtually everywhere you dwell on this planet there are little creatures, since they view you as a threat to their very existence or as food for their survival, tiny insects that assault to sting or bite you, either

Insect bite look is noticeable by one or even more red lumps that are extremely itchy. Yes, you want to scratch on it – but don’t! Easier said than done I know; issue is, the itchiness will be exacerbated by scraping and make it bleed


In case you have a tick, flea or a mosquito bite, they are feeding off you, and many irksome is the idea of such terrible itchy bump left behind from a mosquito is obviously full of its spit

Whilst ants and wasps will sting several times to you, a bee stings once, leaving its stinger under your skin with a sac full of venom at first glance. Try to brush it off together with your hand and the inclination will be to panic; this only serves to pump in more of the venom as will trying to remove it with your fingertips or tweezers.

Yes, it’s a small shock plus it hurts!


A wasp sting or a bee sting may cause an allergic reaction which may be fatal if not treated urgently – medical attention is required immediately!

The symptoms of allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis, are: hives, swelling of the mouth or throat, labored breathing and rapid heartbeat.

We are going to suppose you have been stung – the bee sting is outside – without reaction.


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