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Best professional microcurrent machine for estheticians

What is a microcurrent facial treatment?

We always want to look young, fresh, and glowing – but it is not possible with time the aging signs start appearing on our face. The pollution and health issues also speed up the process. Many treatments help us in looking younger and brighter again. Best microcurrent machines for estheticians are one of the treatments people love these days.

There are many anti-aging treatments. Botox and facelift are among the most famous on the list. Microcurrent machines are making their place and getting renowned as painless facelift treatments for anti-aging.

For those who are still not aware of microcurrent machines and treatments and people who are looking for complete information about treatment -this article will act as a guide. You will know all about machines, the procedure, and how they are beneficial for your face treatment. So let’s get started:

What is microcurrent facial treatment?

A microcurrent facial treatment uses electricity waves with low voltages that stimulate the facial muscles and regenerate healthy cells. It is like a workout for your face. The workout increases the muscles’ firmness and makes you look more defined. It also boosts the growth of skin proteins ATP and collagen.

Microcurrent technology is one of the advanced technologies of a facelift. It is painless, and electric currents stimulate blood circulation and provide a younger-looking face.

How does microcurrent technology work?

You may need a microcurrent machine to use the treatment. You can use devices at home, but it is better to get treated with the best microcurrent machine for aestheticians for flawless results.

The microcurrent machine generates a low-voltage electric current which imitates in-built body waves. In this way, the therapy stimulates blood circulation and works on skin tone. It also improves other skincare items’ absorptions so you can get rid of most of the skin problems.

The best microcurrent machines can get rid of the sagging face and have a firm, plump look. It reduces wrinkles and other aging signs. Also, the facial will lift droopy eyes and improve the skin texture tone.

Difference between a facelift and microcurrent facial treatment:

Many people confuse facelift and microcurrent facial treatments as the same thing, but they are not. Facelift treatment involves many approaches, and all of them help rebuild skin cells and regenerate collagen fast.

For instance, take the example of radiofrequency treatment. Radiofrequency waves treat your skin by applying heat deeper into your face. It increases collagen and elasticity to make you look good. But it’s a temporary solution.

On the other hand, microcurrent therapy generates low-power current waves that imitate body currents and stimulate blood circulation. It penetrates in skin and muscles and boosts their performance by making them stay firm. It works on skin and muscles, and facelift technology works only on face skin.

That is why microcurrent facials are better, convenient, and stay longer.

How to use the microcurrent machine:

The best microcurrent machines for estheticians are an excellent choice to get the best results. But there are machines available which let you use the therapy at home. Here is how you can do the facial at home:

  • Wash your face and apply a thick and transparent layer of Primer gel.
  • Now roll the machine over your face in a prescribed way. You can get a manual on how to use the device with the machine, or ask for expert advice or watch the tutorials. Usually, it is gliding three times upward from chin toward ear on both sides of faces. Afterward, move upward to eyebrows (each) three times.
  • There are two metallic spheres at the device end which work together to create a current in low voltages and send the electricity to the part of your skin.

How does it feel?

When you are using microcurrent, do not worry about shocks at electric voltages are very low. It is a painless yet noticeable procedure. You may feel waves if you are rolling the gadget with no or thin layer of primer gel.

When you are using it with a proper gel layer, you may feel snapped mildly/gently by a rubber band. Once you are done with the procedure, you will feel a notable difference. You will find your skin firm and plumy. The good part is there is no required downtime procedure.

How often do you need to use it?

When you go for microcurrent treatment at a beauty expert place, they will be using the best machines. They know what they are doing, so they will be using devices with expertise, and more powerful equipment means better and fast treatment. You may need to visit at least once a month to avail yourself of the facial treatment.

At-home machines that are used are good in quality, but those are not for professionals. Usually, those are small and less powerful. So you might need to use them five days a week for at least 5 minutes and keep repeating the process for sixty days.

We recommend using the best microcurrent machines for estheticians and offer fast and efficient results. Mainly if you are in the mid-forties, go for aestheticians‘ help. You will feel the difference from the first use; if your skin has a minor issue and no significant age signs, home treatment can work.

Use facelift and microcurrent together:

Many people wonder that both help gets wrinkle-free treatment, so can we get them together. Well, yes, you can use both together. Both treatments complement each other. Just make sure that you are getting a Radio-frequency facelift before microcurrent therapy.

Pros and cons:

Every facelift treatment healthier share of benefits and drawbacks; luckily, you will not get any significant drawback while looking forward to microcurrent facial treatments—still, it’s better to consider both before going ahead.


  • It treats the face and muscles.
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Regenerate healthy cells quickly
  • Boost the blood protein elements collagen and elastin to regenerate quickly.
  • It helps to get sag-free skin.
  • The microcurrent facial helps penetrate other skin, benefiting products to get rid of many skin issues like dark spots, acne, and scars.
  • It helps to get rid of sun damage scars on your face.
  • The facial stimulate your skin muscles and make your skin firm.
  • After the first use, you will get instant results but visit at least once a month for the best and long-lasting results.
  • A painless and instant therapy.


  • Microcurrent therapy is costly compared to other treatments available.

Is it safe?

Microcurrent treatments are safe, but if you have a heart issue or have a pacemaker, consult a doctor before going ahead. Also, if you are pregnant, consult gynecologists to ensure it is safe for you or not. Likewise, people with sensitive skin or skin allergies must consult skincare experts/ dermatologists.


Once you completed the facial treatment procedure, take care of your skin more attentively. You may use mild moisturizers, a chemical-free sunscreen, and lots of hydrating face serums.

Lets’ wrap it up:

When you are eager to look young and bright again, nothing can compare to the power of microcurrent facial treatments. Microcurrent facial treatments are excellent, safe, and painless treatments for aging skin. For flawless and instant results, use the best microcurrent machines for aestheticians. Stay young – Stay glowing ever!