How does medical cannabis help epilepsy

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Can medical cannabis treat epilepsy? This is often a pivotal question that must be thoroughly explored by the patient or caretaker of a person with epilepsy.

Also, epilepsy may be a severe medical condition that will be dangerous if not properly treated. Treatment of seizures is complex, but there are some signs that medical cannabis may benefit some epileptic patients.

Those with seizures need to recollect that proper remedies and symptom management are paramount. No treatment should ever be tried without detailed consultation with a medical professional who has expertise in epilepsy.

Is epilepsy a qualifying condition for a medical cannabis card? Is medical cannabis safe for epileptic patients? Can Medical cannabis benefit people with epilepsy? These are all complex questions with nuanced answers. That explains why there have also been a lot of cheap marijuana seeds in the market, which leads to more cannabis supply.

What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is the fourth most joint nervous disorder in the US. It’s a chronic condition that affects the nervous system and may affect people of all ages.

The condition is characterized by recurrent and often unprovoked. Moreover, unpredictable seizures that will vary in intensity and duration are caused by disturbances. It is within the electrical activity of the brain.

The History Of Epilepsy

‘epilepsy’ comes from the Greek word “Epilepsia,” which suggests “to seize.” The primary mention of seizures from antiquity is in a Babylonian textbook from a minimum of 2000 BC. This ancient text records several sorts of epileptic seizures and suggests that the explanation for episodes is evil spirits.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) was one of the primary people to understand that seizures were encephalopathy. However, his accurate view of the condition wasn’t generally accepted until the 19th century.

Throughout the intervening 2000 years, people with epilepsy were generally viewed with fear and superstition.

In the 19th century, neurology became a significant medical discipline, and epilepsy began. To be better understood as a brain condition, drugs began to be wont to treat it successfully.

Epilepsy Symptoms

The main symptom of epilepsy is seizures. Epileptic patients can experience various attacks, classified as focal onset, generalized onset, or unknown onset seizures. These differing types originate in several parts of the brain. Moreover, it has different symptoms and effects on the body and needs different kinds of treatment.

While seizures can affect any part of the body, they always originate within the brain. The explanations for episodes are often a brain injury, genetic factors, case history, metabolic causes, brain structure, or unknown causes.

Treatment Plans For Seizures With Medical Cannabis

There are several sorts of medicine available to treat seizures. For many people, one of these medicines will effectively prevent attacks. An epileptic patient must get the proper treatment for their version of the condition.

For around a 60percent of patients, the primary one or two medicines they struggle with will work. For a few other patients, a 3rd or fourth medicine, or a mix of medications, may do the trick.

Except for approximately a 36percent of patients, none of the medicines they struggle with will work to completely prevent seizures.

For some people who don’t answer early medicines, trials and errors are also required under close supervision from their doctor, neurologist, or epilepsy specialist. For these people, a mixture of drugs or remedies will often be the most straightforward course of treatment.


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Can Medical Cannabis Be Effective At Treating Epilepsy?

Is medical cannabis effective for seizures? While it’s legal to prescribe Medical Cannabis for epilepsy in most states where medical cannabis is legal, the jury remains out on how medical cannabis can help epilepsy patients. Seizures are complex, and every patient’s version of the condition is somewhat unique. 

Medical cannabis may help some seizures patients and should be tried as a treatment under strict supervision and direction from a patient’s doctor. Besides, Epidiolex— is a CBD-derived drug that’s an FDA-approved and efficient treatment for epilepsy.

Cannabis can have vital links with other medications to treat seizures, so caution is essential.

Bottom Line

Some patients are ready to wean off other epilepsy medications because Medical Cannabis has proven so successful a treatment. Also, cannabis contains several cannabinoids that can be extracted. We can easily buy Bruce Banner short version seeds and grow our own. 

Treatment of seizures is complex, and different people respond differently to varied therapies. Moreover, Medical Cannabis is often effective; it must be tried tentatively. However, it should be under the strict supervision of a doctor, neurologist, or epilepsy specialist.