Why Marijuana Should Be Stayed Legalized


Since October 17, 2018 marijuana is legal in Canada and still many people in the country are protesting against this decision of the government. With the majority of Canadians agreeing on the decision of the government and most of the people were already using pot or weed even before its legalization. The government has made some particular ways for the distribution of marijuana such as online and only licensed authorized shops. You can buy weed online dispensary in Canada. Here, we are going to tell you why cannabis should stay legal in the country.

7Marijuana is Safer than Other Legalized Drugs

Here, in other legalized drugs we are talking about alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, and other drugs. If you have accepted these other drugs then there shouldn’t be a reason you are not accepting marijuana as well. As alcohol can lead to hazardous health issues and also enhance the crime rate whereas, weed smokers have never included in any crime other than smoking pot illegally. We can say smoking anything is harmful but pot is less harmful than other drugs. There are some places where after marijuana legalization, the crime rate of that area has reduced.

6Weed has a Very Low Risk of Abuse

There are several believe for a long time that weed is more addictive than alcohol or other synthetic drugs. But reports of some known medical professionals state that Tobacco leads to dependence in around 30 percent of adult consumers. Heroin hooks about 25 percent of its consumers and Cocaine get 20 percent of its users addicted. But Marijuana is at last position in this with 9-10 percent of its users becoming addicted.

5Illegal Distribution would Remain Stop

When weed is illegal in any region or country, without any doubt people who consume it, will find their ways since there could be several illegal distributors in the region. So banned of marijuana will lead to the development of illegal distribution and other criminal activities. This shall also lead to the invasion of synthetic drugs. With the legalization of marijuana, people can get qualitative weed through legal ways. There are many online dispensaries in Canada where you can get weed at a cheap rate and qualitative.

4Marijuana is used in Medical Ailment

Medical marijuana is very significant to a lot of people. Many medical surveys have reported that marijuana is very helpful in relieving nausea, which is good news for patients suffering from cancer and has to go through nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy. Pot also helps to diseases such as AIDS/HIV since it increases appetite in the human body. It also helps to relax chronic muscle pain, spasms, and other muscle tensions.

3Weed Helps to Gain Weight

Smoking weed increases the appetite so you will eat whatever in your sight. So if you are struggling to gain weight and be fit as your other friends then, smoking an appropriate amount of weed can work as a good appetizer for you and you will see positive results in process of gaining weight. Keep in mind never consume over then it can have bad effects on your lungs.

2None Has Ever Died of a Weed Overdose

As we said earlier overdose anything can be harmful, even over drinking water can be harmful to a human body. So now you must be thinking of smoking a large amount of weed or THC in your body may kill you. But let us tell you there is not even a single case known to mankind where anyone has died due to the overdose of the pot. People have died because of alcohol and drugs but marijuana is less harmful compared to them.

1Weed is a good alternative to Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs like meth, cocaine, and heroin are more addictive and harmful compare to marijuana consumption. Consumption of drugs has increased the crime rate in several regions of the U.S. So marijuana can be a good alternative way to eradicate the usage of synthetic drugs.