How to make your smile beautiful 8 effective tips

how to make your smile beautiful e1585033191896
how to make your smile beautiful e1585033191896

8 tips to have a beautiful smile to attract everyone

Who has never dreamed of having the beautiful smile of Julia Roberts? But to display a radiant smile by subtly revealing his white teeth is not given to everyone.

Do not panic: if you want to know how to have a beautiful smile to make a star pale, just follow these 8 beauty tips.

How to make your smile more attractive

1. Have beautiful white teeth

To display a star smile, you must start by taking care of your teeth. In addition to a regular visit to the dentist once a year to see if everything is fine and a small scaling, it is necessary to treat every day thanks to a careful brushing and after each meal.

 To brush your teeth effectively, you have to put the time (3 minutes, the time of a song) and do not forget a corner (inner and outer faces of teeth, bottom of the jaw, tongue, gums …). And we think to change toothbrush every 2 months!

To give an extra whiteness, you can use lightening care on sale in pharmacies. Generally, this whitening treatment is done over two weeks but the result of these products varies according to the individuals. If not, you can also ask your dentist to whiten your teeth during your annual visit.

 There is also the option of ceramic dental veneers (for a broken tooth for example) but this method has a certain cost. Finally, if you have teeth that are not aligned and that does not give you the confidence to smile, orthodontics can be the solution (Tom Cruise, Khloe Kardashian or Gwen Stefani have worn adult dental appliance to have teeth straight).

2. Adopt the reflex “dental floss”

For good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth is good but it is not enough. To have a healthy mouth and bright teeth, nothing beats the floss to perfect the work of brushing! This step makes it possible to remove the remains of dental plaque that would have escaped cleaning (whether manual or electrical).

The right technique? Take a wire long enough to wrap around your two major and then pinch the wire between your thumb and forefinger leaving about 5 cm between the two. Then place the wire between your teeth rather than form a “C” before making a vertical back and forth movement.

For the upper row of the dentition, it will be from top to bottom and vice versa for the lower row. Do not forget the neck of the tooth (under the gum line). However, be careful not to force the risk of hurting your gums. And of course, we use a piece of clean wire for each tooth.

3. Stop smoking

You will not be taught that tobacco is harmful to your health. But smoking also has an impact on dentition: stains and nasty yellow film, risks of oral cancer, caries, gingivitis, periodontitis …

In short, nicotine is not a good friend when you want to show a beautiful smile in photos and other selfies. Not to mention that the pack of cigarettes costs more and more expensive. So why not stop definitely?

4. Take care of your diet

Like tobacco, some foods can affect the whiteness of our teeth. Side drinks, red wine, tea, or coffee are to be consumed in moderation to avoid stains. Ditto for sodas gaseous acidity spoils the enamel (as citrus or acidulous candies).

In the category of foods that make yellow teeth, we also find beetroot, soy sauce, tomato sauce (just like ketchup), curry, blueberry, or balsamic vinegar.

A small tip to limit the impact on your teeth if you eat: drink a glass of water right after to rinse your mouth (or brush your teeth if you can).

On the contrary, some foods can help us keep white teeth like strawberries that contain malic acid (known to be effective against stains because they activate the production of saliva), lemon (to be used sparingly because of its acidity), the raw carrot (to eat it can also produce saliva and thus to clean the mouth), the dark chocolate (which hardens the enamel thanks to theobromine) or the nuts (to chew it helps to clean the plaque).

5. Moisturize the lips

If having beautiful teeth is essential to display a Hollywood smile, you must also think of pampering your lips. Desiccated lips do not want to multiply the smiles. Here are our care tips for a supple and sweet mouth.

One how by a session of exfoliation, just to remove small dead skin. Is the homemade recipe easy? A little honey and mixed sugar that is applied to his lips by rubbing lightly. Leave for a few minutes and rinse.

To moisturize, we draw his lip balm well nourishing (shea butter for example). If you prefer natural products, you can apply some solidified organic coconut oil, known for its moisturizing and restorative properties. And of course, we do not forget to drink enough water every day.

Small tip: To prevent drying out, avoid licking your lips. Not only does this remove the natural oils present in this area but, besides, some acids contained in saliva can irritate especially if you have a lip tattoo.

6. Find the right makeup

To highlight its beautiful teeth, nothing is worth a touch of lipstick or gloss! Be careful however to choose your lipstick according to your complexion: for example, cold shades will go very well to girls with light hair and skin while redheads prefer the products in copper tones, perfect to highlight their hair flamboyant. Also note: the orange tints tend to bring out the yellowed teeth.

If you find your lips a little thin, you can bet on plumping formulas. Finally, for top hydration, consider applying some moisturizing balm to your lips before your makeup.

Another makeup tip: use a little sun powder to accentuate the contrast between your complexion and your teeth. You can check this post on how to make skin white that looks more attractive with white teeth.

7. Bet on the facial gym

Did you know that we used no less than 17 muscles to smile? But, as with everything, if we do not make them work, it collapses. Our tip for tonic muscles: the gym of the face. Here are two techniques to work and lower muscles of the mouth.

  • 1st exercise to counter the “sad mouth” effect: close your mouth, keep your lips glued to your teeth, and smile as much as you can for 5 seconds before returning to normal. To do 10 times.
  • 2nd exercise to plump the lower lip and work the muscles of the lower face: close your jaw and then lower the bottom lip. You have the right position if you see the lower teeth and feel tension at the corners of the chin. Again, we keep the pose for 5 seconds and repeat the movement 10 times.

8. The key to a nice smile? Relax!

For a bright and sincere smile, do not force yourself. So we relax the muscles of the cheeks, we do not go back too much to the corners of the mouth and we let his smile show through his eyes (otherwise we look tense).

To master the technique, do not hesitate to practice in front of your mirror to observe the result and gain confidence. By force, you will memorize the movement and it will become instinctive.