How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker and Fuller for Your Wedding Event

Hair style
Hair style

One of the most important days of one’s life turning into a bad hair day is any bride’s worst nightmare coming true. Literally!

No matter how much self-care you have put into and how much investment you have made, if your hair is not up to the mark on your wedding day, all your efforts go in vain.

But do not fret! To prevent things from going haywire, at least for your hair, here are some handy tips that you can opt for even when you don’t want to appoint a professional for your hairdo.

Now, tastes and preferences vary from one individual to the other. A fluffy hair is, however, something that is craved by most.

A voluminous mane is a source of pride for most ladies out there and is a popular style statement and naturally, most women want to embrace it on their wedding day.

So, if you want to add volume to your long lustrous hair and grace the occasion as a big-haired beauty then here are certain tips that can help you get the mega-volume look. Just read on.

Hair Extensions

hair extensions

When you want to do big and fluffy hair within a short period of time then faking may be the only option for you. The hair weave and extensions come in varying prices and qualities.

So, you should get what suits the pocket and achieve a look that is temporarily voluminous. You just have to make sure that you get an extension that matches your hair and you will be to get an instantly glamorous look.

Wash Smarter

How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker and Fuller

When it comes to washing the hair, sulfates are not your friend. They are foamy detergents that cut through the grease in no time and will leave your scalp dry for a long time to come to such an extent that the lipid barrier can get damaged leading to irritation.

That is why always use sulfate-free shampoo so that your hair looks beautiful and voluminous without getting damaged.

Go for Using Rollers

Wedding hairstyles for fine hair medium length

You can opt for hair rollers that lift the hairs from the roots and add volumes to it. Setting with the rollers even though you do not need the curls boosts the body of your hair.

Just keep in mind that the hair should be dry when you are putting the rollers on. You should use medium or large-sized rollers from the ends to the roots. Then you can remove the rollers, loosen the hair and then rock on the mega volume hair.

Blow Dry

How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker and Fuller

You should know how to blow-dry the hair in sections. You should lift the hair upwards while directing the hot hair to the scalp.

If you flip the head upside down at the time of blow-drying it results in getting the hair bigger towards the outer region instead of upwards. That is why just try to avoid it.

Use Holding Spray

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Once you have set the hair and it has the volume that you desire you should give it lasting power. The hairspray keeps the hair intact and in place.

So make sure that the spray is free of alcohol so that it does not make the hair dry. You should hold the spray six inches away from the hair and spray gently. Do not apply too much spray as this can flatten the hair and be counter-productive.

Deep Cleanse Your Scalp Once a Week

How to Make Your Hair Look Thicker and Fuller

Deep cleansing your scalp at least once a week before the wedding can help to make your hair and scalp clean and let them breathe after the usage of the thickening products and devices on the same.

Any stubborn product residues can be done away with if you deep-cleanse your hair once a week.

Quit Parting

Simply flipping the hair instead of going for a parting can help to boost the hair volume. You can add a little bit of volume powder in the roots for the hold and the height.

The above are some of the ways in which you can make your hair look thicker and fuller for your wedding day.

While hiring the best event planning agency takes care of the fact that your event takes place just the way you wanted, appointing a talented beautician will ensure that you are able to flaunt your desirable look on the big day.