Hair Care :20 Tips to Make Your Hair clean and shine

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Our hair requires very quickly and is constantly assaulted, whether by our hands that fiddle with them, the weather and the pollution that mishandles them, or the blows of strengtheners.

It’s always challenging to keep them clean in these conditions. Check below the 12 tips that will allow you to make your hair more fresh and clean. It would help if you no go towards buying hair strengtheners or other hair beauty products.

Follow these remedies or tips; I’m sure your hair will be more beautiful and fresh as natural.

Twenty tips are based on the buyer’s trend or the market trends that indicate what females are doing nowadays to make their hair fresh, clean, and beautiful all over the entire world.

Side effects of Hair coloring

While coloring hair is fun

There are a lot of side effects that you need to be aware of.

The symptoms and damage caused by hair color may not always appear immediately. It may take several days or even weeks after hair coloring sessions.

So, here are all the side effects that you must know before hair coloring.

  1.  Hair coloring is a chemical process, and it bleaches your natural hair color.
  2. Persulfates, the chemicals found in hair dye, can lead to the chemicals found in hair dye, can lead to a persistent cough, throat discomfort, wheezing, lung inflammation, and full-blown asthma attacks.
  3. All the hair colors contain ammonia. This ammonia is corrosive to your hair. In high concentrations, it can easily exacerbate pre-existing breathing conditions.
  4. Hair coloring can dry your hair, frizz it up, increase breakage by reducing your hair’s elasticity, might corrode your scalp, and also give you burns in worst cases.
  5. Hair Dye is not safe to use this natural herb
  6. Hair coloring affects your hair length and hair root and follicles.
  7. Coloring hair dyes your hair and alters the texture. In the long run, the hair texture goes terrible and gets brittle. Split ends, dandruff, and also hair fall are seen in many people.
  8. As the new hair starts growing, the old and new texture/color don’t blend. This forces you to get root touch-ups that again load your hair with chemicals.
  9. These chemicals are hazardous to your health, too, as they are carcinogenic (cancer-causing).
  10. There are at least a dozen different chemicals in hair dye that can cause a severe allergic reaction to skin blistering, burning, and rash.
  11. Hair dyes may cause redness and irritation to the eyes.

The natural hair coloring agents like henna don’t give us these effects because they don’t contain the chemicals needed to maintain the color.

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Hair Care :20 Tips to Make Your Hair clean and shine

hair care

Use mild shampoos

We start by using soft and adapted shampoos, which will rebalance the sebum produced by our scalp. This is the best way to start on a reasonable basis.

1 Vary the shampoos

In the same way, the body gets used to drugs, our scalp gets used to your shampoo. We do not hesitate to vary the brands and types of shampoos that we use so that our scalp does not get used to them and is not trapped by sebum.

2 Escape the silicones

Silicone can seem rather lovely and compelling at first sight. It makes the hair softer and shinier, but beware, it’s just an illusion. In the long run, our hair will become duller and greasier. As much as possible, products containing silicone are avoided.

3 Think about dry shampoo

If we have not yet adopted it, it’s time to start. Dry shampoo is the most suitable hair product in the world. It washes the hair without wetting it and allows to space the shampoos while letting the hair take a new rhythm.

Those who wear the bangs would be wrong not to always have a bottle on hand. It also allows textures in a hairstyle, brings body and volume to the hair, and better holds a fastener.

4 Keep talc on hand

It is an excellent alternative to dry shampoo. Sprinkle a little talcum in your hand (we avoid the big “splash” directly on the hair!) And put it in the fat spots of our hair.

Wait ten seconds, then brush until no residue remains. Talc brings a new freshness to dull hair. As a bonus, it gives a little volume.

5 Do not apply root care.

This advice seems to make sense, but many people do not apply their hair masks correctly. A repairing cover, for example, does not apply especially in roots, at the risk of weighing them down and generating a more excellent production of sebum.

The masks and care intended for lengths remain at lengths and ends.

6 Make masks with clay.

On the other hand, this type of mask is intended to regulate the sebum production of our scalp and rebalance the hair fiber.

We choose green clay, which fights greasy hair, and apply it to the roots before the shampoo. 

7 Try the mud-based formulas of the Dead Sea.

We agree it does not give us much desire. Nevertheless, there are shampoos based on mud from the Dead Sea that does not feel like algae.

The formula allows the hair to regulate its sebum production and thus space the shampoos. We chose him adapted to the nature of his coat: fat, dry.

8 Opt for a few drops of lemon essential oil

The virtues of lemon are innumerable: detoxifying, astringent, antiseptic, toning, and softening. We bring a bottle of essential oil lemon, easily found in the drugstore, and pour a few drops into our care and soaps.

A small ritual that will become a good habit, ideal for purifying the scalp

9 Rinse her hair with cider vinegar

Rinsing water is essential, as much as the washing product used. To soften the water, sometimes too aggressive, and benefit from a natural softener, one adds two tablespoons of cider vinegar to its rinsing water.

10 Prepare a homemade mask.

We put on our apron; here is the time to concoct a bit homemade recipe, perfect for rebalancing the scalp and starting on a reasonable basis.

We mix a teaspoon of argan oil, a teaspoon of jojoba oil, and a few drops of lemon essential oil and apply this little homemade treatment to the hair. 

11 Camouflage hair under a headband

Sometimes, it is necessary to cheat a little; here is a trick to camouflage this greasy hair that cannot be seen!

Choose a pretty fabric headband, quite thick, tie our hair in a bun blur high on the top of the head and accessorize with a headband that will hide our roots a tad plumper.

Choose the right haircut

I know, you might think this tip is nothing helpful to hair care, but if your haircut doesn’t suit you, you can’t say you have beautiful hair or that your hair makes you beautiful.

A flattering haircut can always frame your face and have a great impact on your overall appearance.

The best way to find your perfect haircut is by going to the salon and consulting a professional hairstylist for some advice.

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet

Hair is not only a reflection of your style and identity but a reflection of your overall health and what’s happening inside your body. Yes, serum and other hair products can make your hair shinier, but they can only last one or two days.

If you want healthy hair, you need to make sure your diet (protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.) is balanced and healthy. The essential elements of your enhanced diet can help in improving your hair quality and keeping hair healthy.

Use natural shampoos and conditioners

Natural and eco-friendly hair products become more popular today because the chemicals in regular shampoo can cause scalp irritation and do damage to your hair, making your hair dry, brittle, and unhealthy.

Just think about the stinging sensation on your eyes when shampoo touches them, it’s the same thing for your hair and scalp.

Natural shampoo is usually made of natural herbs and plant extracts that provide many organic ingredients(natural oils, vitamins, and minerals) that can improve your hair quality.

Wash your hair the right way

First, try not to wash your hair every single day. “If you shampoo every day, it will strip your scalp of all its natural oils and can lead to dry, brittle hair,” says Julien Farel of the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in NYC. I often wash my hair every 2 days before it gets oily.

When you wash your hair, try not to use hot water. Yes, hot water is better for cleansing hair, but just like washing your hair too often, very warm water can damage your hair, and even cause your hair to fall. So make sure to use only lukewarm water to wash your hair.

Massage your scalp 

Some people massage their scalp to promote hair growth, I massage my scalp simply because it feels so good and I often do it during the shower and it de-stresses me.

Before you apply shampoo, you can massage the scalp using the flats of your fingers for about 2-3 minutes, and it’s easy and natural for you to do this when you are taking a shower and it’s good for your scalp.

You also can use oil on the scalp and give your scalp massages on dry hair, once a week is enough and it’s much better if you have a friend to help you do it.

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

A hairdryer makes your hair thin and it results in hair fall. So after you wash your hair, you need to gently remove moisture from your hair with a soft towel, and then let it dry naturally.

If your hair is thick or you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer and turn on a lower setting to dry your hair.

Trim your hair regularly

We comb our hair every day, but what we know less about is that we also should trim it regularly. My hair is prone to split ends which is a sign of damaged, unhealthy hair, so I need to trim my hair every six months.

If you don’t want to sacrifice your hair length too much, you can ask your stylist for a minimal trim.

Daily Hair Care Tips for shiny and long hair

Your hair makes you look gorgeous, bold, and beautiful. It is your hair because you attract the attention of other people.

So it is natural that you will always expect that your hair will look good and that people will like them. But certainly, your hair didn’t fulfill your expectations every other day.

Even though sometimes you feel disappointed because of your hair. The reason is simple; you cannot keep them as you want and as others like them.

In such a situation definitely, you would like to spend some time on your hair, and then it is obvious to know about Hair Care. But before jumping into those hair care tips, it is equally important to understand what are factors affect your hair and hairstyle?

The biologists argue that the characteristics of the hair of a person depend on several factors, some of which are inherited.

Some elements are genetic means that DNA programming is responsible for your hair and the way they look. The secretion level of hormones also contributes to hair looks.

And after all, the entire environment, especially the air and water, significantly affect your hairstyle. That’s why every person sometimes experiences a bad hair day.

But if you are willing to take a little care, you can say goodbye to a bad hair day, which might not be permanent and need your attention from time to time.

Tips On Hair Care

Here are a few tips that will help you to either not see a bad hair day or to come out if you are experiencing it at present.

  • Stick to a healthy lifestyle. Give up your smoking habits, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and use relaxation techniques when stressed.
  • Get a deep sleep at night, do not sleep with burdens; otherwise, you will have a disturbed sleep enough to trap into a bad hair day.
  • If you are using hair styling products and cosmetics, avoid using products containing alcohol, particularly in high concentrations.
  • Do not put hair styling products on your scalps; this will block the pores on your head and may harm your head and hair.
  •  Swimming is a good exercise, do it. But before jumping into a swimming pool, wet your hair enough with plain water. Pool water contains chlorine, which is not suitable for your hair.
  • Set your hairdryer on relaxed settings; hot is not for your hair.
  • Keep the hairdryer moving, do not stick it to one place for long.
  • Before using the hairdryer, use a good quality towel to dry hair, and then use the hairdryer to get rid of wetness.
  • Use a comb that bristles are made of animal hairs; it would be soft on your strands.
  • Always use clean comb/brushes. Clean your comb/brushes with soap or shampoo regularly.
  • Always comb/brush your hair downwards.
  • Shampooing your hair is essential. Always use good quality products.
  • Use the trial and error method to select a shampoo for you and choose the best suitable one.

Practical Health tips for Longhair

Do not use shampoo and soap to avoid eating junk food, including Eggs, sweet potatoes, walnut, oyster, salmon, spinach, blueberries, and soybeans, in your daily meals.

1. Eat a healthy diet. Diet rich in protein and vital vitamins.

2. Use castor oil

mix the castor oil with an equal amount of coconut, olive, or almond oil. Massage your scalp with it and leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes. Then, shampoo your hair.

3. Massage your scalp

Apply the oil (preferably warm) to your hair. Gently rub your fingers on your scalp in a circular motion for three to five minutes. Rinse the oil out of your hair.

4. Stay Stress-free

you can use meditation, breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques.

5. Take good sleep

Be sure to get good sleep as the growth hormone is released during sleep.

6. Take vitamin and herbal supplements with the consult of your doctor.

7. Use Aloe Vera

Apply fresh aloe vera gel mixed with lemon juice and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Shampoo your hair. Do this once every week or two

8. Address any medical problems going on.


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