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How to Lose Fat From Inner Thighs: Tips Tricks and More

Skinny jeans are going out of fashion but no matter what the fashion statement maybe you want to focus on toning your thighs.

As health experts explain that body fat is not all bad. In fact, you need body fat to sustain life however when it exceeds a certain level it gets challenging for health.

Excess fat no matter where it is can be reduced with the help of lifestyle change. However, just a simple lifestyle change is not enough. You need to focus on diet as well as exercise. Men and women have very different body types.

Although gender, metabolism rate, age, and lifestyle also play a very important role if we look at it generally gender is a very important part of human health.

If we look at the female body, we will see that most of the fat is stored near the hips area, lower belly, inner thighs, etc. on the contrary, men have stored fat in the abdominal area, love handles, and inner thighs.

In short, if we look at the general comparison we will see that inner thighs are a pretty common sight when it comes to fat storage.

Although most people will tell you that strong inner thighs mean having something beefy to support your body weight and ensure body balance, the reality is that it has more to do with muscle rather than fat. If you feel that your inner thighs are soft and bulky, this means you need to tone them.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight the importance of lifestyle change and using exercises for toning inner thighs and getting rid of the fat.

We will also list down some of the most famous and effective exercises so that you can easily use these exercises to reduce fat.

Best Exercise to Help You Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat

Getting rid of fat means you need to choose an exercise that is not intense. Instead, you need something that is mild yet it needs to be lengthy. In short, spending more time exercising can help you burn fat.

On the contrary, if the workout is quick and intense it will help you burn the muscle cells. To help the beginner try some basic fat-burning exercises for toning the thighs, we have listed down some of the best possible options that you can try.


Lunges are very functional exercises that will help you move your legs straight forward and backward. You will stand straight with your tummy tucked in.

Now pose like you are stepping forward, then go all the way down like you are touching your knee to the ground. Hold it there and then come back to the original position. Now do the same with the other leg.

Make sure your breathing is in sync with the overall body movement because it will help you burn calories. Also, you can use a resistance band which will make the process intense and burns more calories.


Squats are a great way to work on your back muscles, buttock, tights as well as ankles, and hamstrings. You just need to stand straight and then make a space between both legs.

As you stand with your feet apart, try to hold the weight and sit down like you are sitting on an invisible chair.

Your body weight needs to be on your feet. In most cases, people use a resistance band to ensure that they do not bend too much or keep their feet apart.

You can also use a resistance band for that. Apart from this, the next step will be to tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your weight on your feet.


Skaters are a great way to move from side to side. You need to stand straight and then bend your knee a little like you are balancing your body on a slipper ice ring.

Now move to the left and then lift your right leg and lift it. Now, bring your right leg down and move to the right and bring your left leg up.

Your movement needs to be swift and you need to make sure your body balance stays maintained. You can easily find these exercises online where you can understand the technique as well.

Supine inner thigh lift

This is a very effective exercise that will help you work on your thighs as well as abs and improve the blood flow in the upper part of the body. You just need to lie down flat on the back and then lift your feet straight above your head.

If you cannot do it without support, you can take help from a wall where you can just keep your feet above.

  • Now move it to one side and then to the other.
  • Start by moving the right leg to the extreme right and bringing the left to the extreme right,
  • Hold it there for a few seconds,
  • Then bring your left leg to the extreme left followed by moving the right leg to the extreme left.
  • This movement will mainly help you focus on your inner thighs.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to maintain the ratio of calorie intake and calorie exertion is very important.

Women have a higher ratio of fat in their bodies as compared to men which means they need to work on their bodies more. Most experts say that this is because women usually live a very passive lifestyle, they hardly move around because of the limited access to public spaces.

On the contrary, social scientists claim that it is more related to the gender role that women adopt over the years. Women only start noticing their body when it crosses a certain threshold or when others point it out.

This is mainly because after having kids women usually do not think about themselves. Most people think that this is a regional factor and women living in a certain part of Africa, Asia, or the Middle East are affected more, however, others argue that any physical issues

linked to the health of women are very underdiagnosed because of their negligence. However, simple lifestyle changes and exercises are enough to help women and men to get rid of their inner thigh fat completely.