How to reduce face fat naturally at home

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The secret to a good selfie isn’t fancy clothes or expensive jewelry, it’s simply the right angle and a well-toned, smiling face. A lot of people struggle with the shape of their face and want to get rid of double chins and chubby cheeks to look more beautiful or well-groomed.

There are numerous people out there wondering how to lose face fat. If you’re one of them, here’s a list of ways to lose face fat in just one week-

Chin Lift

With this simple yet effective exercise, one can lose face fat very quickly. All you have to do is lift your chin with your eyes towards the ceiling. Move your lower jaw outward until you feel the stretch on your face muscles. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat it ten to twelve times to see effects within a week.

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This is a great exercise for people who think they have a double chin and would like more prominent features towards their lower face.

The Mouthwash Swish  

If you’ve visited your dentist enough times, you must be quite familiar with the drill. Act like you are swishing mouthwash inside your mouth for fifteen to twenty seconds, thrice a day. This will allow the cheek muscles as well as neck muscles to stretch and reduce facial fat from the jaw area as well as reduce fat around your neck.

This is a great exercise for all those who want more defined cheekbones and wish to look impressive even without having to contour or apply other makeup products.


To aid the fat-burning process, massages are a great way to boost the results of your exercises. Since a lot of people retain water that can cause them to have a puffy appearance overall, massages are a great way to aid blood circulation and tackle this issue. Several messages will help reduce face fat and can be learned by one and all.

The lymphatic drainage massage is performed by using two or three fingers and massaging the back of the collarbones and ears. Then, uses pressure applied through knuckles from the chin up to the ears.

Fat Burning Foods

Some food items increase the rate of metabolism and hence help in the process of fat reduction. This adds an extra effort in your endeavors and helps reduce face fat visibly within a week.

Turmeric is shown to have a positive effect on fat cells and can be used to reduce face fat. Tomato juice is a fine example of fat-burning food. Drink 200ml of tomato juice with every meal to reduce face fat. Broccoli contains Sulforaphane that helps reduce fat in the body. By consuming these substances one can reduce face fat effectively within a week.

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Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. With these exercises and tips, one can start seeing effects on their face structure within a week. Following these tips will bring a change in your face in such a way that it will make people take advice from you on how to lose face fat.

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