How to look more attractive to your boyfriend

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Every man is different, so it’s sometimes hard to know how to make up to seduce a man, or even how to dress to charm him in any circumstance. The most important thing is to be well in your own skin and well in your body, so you have to know how to stay yourself and not disguise yourself as a hyper sexy woman if it’s not our style. But above all, you have to know how to adapt to different situations: you will not put on the same outfits or makeup the same way to just go for a walk in the street and go to a party.

Everyday life

If you start to flirt with a man usually during a party or reunion with friends, the process of seduction begins well before with the men you frequent and you find during these special moments. So you do not have to make an effort just for the moments that are out of the ordinary. Seduction is an everyday job.

Dress to seduce a man

Not all men are attracted to the same style as women, but there are still some criteria that must be respected. Before all that, you have to find your own style and not just copy others because some people never change their lifestyle and social behavior to attract anyone. If you are not comfortable in high heels for your work, do not worry. There are flat shoes very elegant and others with small heels that will put you well in value. If you are not yourself in a skirt, know that the pants know how to make you sexy if you choose well.

Whether you prefer skirts, jeans, shirts, patterned tops, or anything else, do not hesitate to wear what you like specially mehndi or tattoos, there you can find some eid mehndi designs for parties. The important thing will be to measure things. For example, do not wear striped pants with a polka dot tee. Do not bet on the very plunging neckline and the skirt quite short during the same outfit. Everything is a matter of moderation.

If the outfits which you feel best are classic and you find them too basic, decorate them with accessories. A beautiful necklace that suggests the look of the other on your chest, a bracelet to not leave your bare arm, colorful earrings but discreetly that will brighten your face. Do not neglect the belt which is more than a simple accessory and you have to know how to choose, it is the link between your top and your bottom and therefore a key role for the harmony of your pace.

Makeup to seduce a man

In your daily life, you often do not have the time in the morning to spend an hour to make yourself beautiful, it’s normal. Bet on the simple make-up foundation or powder to hide the small imperfections of your skin, concealer if really it is necessary and that you managed to find one which does not accentuate them. With that, choose to highlight your eyes or your mouth: light lipstick that is not flashy but that fits perfectly with your complexion. Eyeshadow either in the tone of your skin, or slightly reminiscent of your outfit. In all cases, mascara so that your eyelashes capture the eyes that cross you. Be careful with the pencil, if you are tired it will only strengthen your dark circles.

In everyday life, so be simple.

A touch of sophistication in your outfit, a light make-up but that makes all its charm, your hair in the wind or reassembled quickly and simply. If all this seems all the same complicated, the staff of beauty salons and even perfumery-make-up stores will be able to give you personal advice when the make-up that will do the best for your skin, do not hesitate.

For exceptional moments

If simplicity to its charm in everyday life, it will surely be blamed for the evenings with friends and even more for romantic dinners and first appointments. Here again, everything depends on the type of event: for a simple evening with friends you do not need to leave the beautiful dress that you hide in your wardrobe but for the first-appointment, put the odds on your side.

Even if your evening will be at first sight with your friends, do not hesitate to make yourself even more beautiful than you are every day to seduce even more. Comfort is important again because if you spend your evening jiggling and pulling on your dress so that it does not go up too much or if you spend it trying to overcome the pain that you cause these new shoes that you hack your feet, you are not going to be at the best of your seduction potential.

To fight against these annoyances of life that poison you an evening, try to avoid buying all the same afternoon (your feet will thank you) but also to always have a dress or a nice top that will put you worth if a party is done unexpectedly. Take advantage of sales and promotion to put this outfit that saves you up to date, it will save you to realize the day before finally, you have not yet lost those pounds taken with all the barbecues of spring.

Then it’s up to you to see for the outfit

pants that mold the curve of your buttocks, heels, and a top whose neckline is discreet but well and truly present? A dress neither too short nor too low-cut with heels? You do not feel the soul of the leader sure of herself and prefer the classic of the black dress which, embellished with a beautiful necklace and earrings will make you resplendent. On the contrary, you want to attract attention tonight and opt for the dress class and not too much but colorful that will bring joy in this evening.

For evenings, everything is allowed as long as you are not in the too-much, of colors, jewels, make-up, invitations to contemplate your forms of the woman. Know the balance that will highlight you and do not hesitate this time to take the time to do a particular hairstyle. If you are not sure about yourself, the bun is still the classic.

With him in life

It is not because you live with your man that you should not try to seduce him anymore. Your couple is not acquired and must constantly put his own for it to endure. For him now stay natural, he appreciates you as you are. Of course, you wear makeup from time to time, and showing that you pay attention to yourself is appreciable. But above all, if not the makeup that counts are the small details: eyebrows shaved, nail polish, skincare.

You have to reveal you’re a natural beauty.

As for your outfits, if he will certainly see you sick in an old sweater with socks, that’s not a reason to adopt this daily. Be simple but still sexy. A beautiful nightie or a beautiful set is never too much and will be more pleasant for him than an old T-shirt informs. And then, of course, his shirts, in which you are so good and which finally, make you chew.