leprosy cure from ayurveda treatment

leprosy cure from ayurveda treatment

Home Remedies for leprosy

Symptoms of leprosy

Any unnatural patch on the surface of the skin.

If void of sensibility to temperature, pain, or touch, it should be a warning of the possible onset of this disease. Other early symptoms include a headache, nosebleed, and fevers. Certain areas may become insensitive, because the disease follows along nerve trunks and especially affects areas on, or close to, the skin.

Causes of leprosy

Leprosy is a strange infectious disease, caused by a bacteria which, under a microscope, looks like tuberculosis. It is mildly contagious.

There may be 2-3 years, and sometimes much longer, after exposure before symptoms appear. Once it appears, it develops very slowly.

Home remedies for leprosy

  • The disease is almost unknown among vegetarians, but is prevalent among meat eaters, especially in hot tropical climates.
  • The worst things to take into your body are pork, crocodile meat, lard, blood, greasy meats, coffee, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • Cleanly living is important.
  • In tropical countries, chaulmoogra oil is taken. Begin by swallowing 10 drops a day, gradually increasing to 30 if the person can tolerate it.
  • Sunbathing helps.
  • Helpful herbs include red clover blossoms, burdock seeds, yellow dock root, lobelia, red root, poke root, goldenseal, myrrh, bittersweet, sassafras, poplar bark, black cherry bark, and comfrey.

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