leg ulcers home remedies

leg ulcers home remedies

leg ulcer treatment dressings

Ulcers are technically speaking any sort of sore that is exposed. But mostly when one talks of an ulcer they are referring to a peptic ulcer, which is a hole in the lining of the stomach. See our other chapter on canker sores for mouth ulcers.

Check with the doctor if you suffer from the diabetic ulcer

leg ulcers home remedies

Also known as stomach ulcers the peptic ulcer causes considerable pain and discomfort and can often also cause bleeding internally. This is known as stomach wall perforation. The causes of these ulcers are generally attributed to an H. Pylori bacteria infection. Although there are certain foods and other remedies you can try to help cure an ulcer it is highly recommended that you see your doctor if you suspect you have a peptic ulcer.

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Avoid Ibuprofen

Using ibuprofen and other OTC medications like aspirin too often irritate the stomach lining and are very often the cause of your peptic ulcer. Go easy on such medicines. This is one of the leading cause of peptic ulcers today.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice is a great stomach ulcer tonic. It soothes the stomach and effectively inhibits the production of acid.


Green bananas are known for healing a  stomach ulcer. These bananas contain curative properties which are known to fight the particular infection that is active in the stomach lining of a peptic ulcer. These bananas also repair the actual stomach lining itself. Eat at the very least one green banana every day.


Mixing grated ginger or ginger powder with honey and consuming a big spoonful of it every morning is an excellent remedy for a peptic ulcer.

Olive Oil

Another effective peptic ulcer remedy is olive oil. Drink half an oz of olive oil 30 minutes

before eating a meal. The oil has special properties that can prevent fatty deposits from developing in the blood vessels of the stomach lining which are known to aid an ulcers development.

Ladies finger Seeds

Boiling ladies finger seeds in the broth left over from cooked rice is also known

to cure a stomach ulcer. Drinking this solution regularly will help repair the ulcer and also ease the pain associated with urination which often accompanies an ulcer.


Mix a couple of spoonfuls of honey with some warm water and consume. This will give some

relief to the pain from a peptic ulcer. This honey water is also an effective remedy for mouth ulcers and will even help protect tooth enamel.


Curing a peptic ulcer using nutmeg is very possible. Roast sliced nutmeg in the oven and eat them with ghee. Nutmeg is also an effective remedy for loose bowel motions and other tummy upsets which can be associated with an ulcer.


Eating raw coconut slices are excellent for treating a stomach ulcer and also mouth ulcers  Coconuts have healing properties which work very well against ulcers of any kind.

  Keep Away From Spicy Food

Spicy and hot foods will only irritate and upset a peptic ulcer.  Eating such foods is also very painful for those suffering from an ulcer.



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