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Why You Should Consider Laminate Flooring as the Ideal Choice for Your Home

As a homeowner, you probably have a massive admiration for the aesthetics of hardwood flooring. But, laminate flooring may bring quality and value to your home, giving it a more refined look. Here are the seven reasons you should choose laminate flooring for your home renovation.

Imagine what it’s like to have a floor that appreciates aesthetics with a touch of quality, giving your home a modern look. Well, that’s what is in store for you when you choose laminate flooring for your home. While it tends to get a bit of a bad reputation for being a less authentic material, installing laminate flooring in your home could be the next excellent interior investment, given the money and maintenance costs, it saves you. Therefore, if you are a homeowner considering remodeling your home, perhaps laying laminate flooring could be the best budget-friendly option available. Here are the seven reasons why it will benefit you more than any other option.

1.      Increased Durability

When choosing a home flooring option, it’s always wise to invest in an option that guarantees durability first. Laminate flooring offers this durability, thanks to its hard-wearing nature that allows it to last for ages without worrying about replacements.  This option perfectly suits a busy household, especially in places with foot traffic, such as the hallways and living rooms.

Needless to say, the construction of the laminate itself is what makes it quite ultra-durable. Its series of layers gives it distinct structural durability, with the thin and transparent top wear layer being responsible for scratch and dents resistance. The layer also minimizes staining, making it a good pick for indoor home flooring.

Other than that, the luxury laminate flooring option provides a thicker layering with better quality aesthetics. This results in a long-lasting plank with a more realistic finish. While the typical solid hardwood can bend or possibly wear down, that’s not the case with laminate hardwood flooring. In addition to that, you won’t need to wax it to reinforce its durability as you do with other hardwoods.

2.      It’s Easy to Clean and Maintains

If you have kids at home, perhaps you understand what it feels like to clean a dirt-stained floor. In this modern era where we all strive to make our work easier, the last thing you want is to deep-clean and polish your floors daily. But what if you can benefit from an easily cleaned floor and spend part of your free time attending to other chores?

Unlike other hardwood options, laminate floors are ideally designed to be easily swept and mopped. Besides, their unique surface doesn’t require any waxes or special polishes to maintain a fantastic look even after being mopped. To top it off, some of the best laminate floor installations come with tight seams that ensures it cannot trap debris.

To clean your laminate floor, all you need is a damp cloth or a spray mop. However, maintaining its original aesthetic will require any spills from food and water to be wiped up as soon as possible. A wet mop is not recommended in this case because water can permeate even the thinnest laminate cracks. Laminate floors can also be vacuumed as a way of cleaning and maintaining if the other methods don’t work well.

3.      Easy and Fast Installation

The huge difference between laminate flooring and other options is the benefit of a stress-free installation process. The laminates usually come pre-cut, and their unique interlocking systems ease the whole installation process. This process allows you to install your floor even in a single day, depending on the surface area. The interlocking system ensures all laminate pieces slot together with a click and lock into place perfectly.

As a homeowner, you can decide to contract professional services to complete the installation job for you in minutes. But if you feel confident, you can also learn how to install laminate flooring and complete the job yourself, even if you’re not a DIY expert. For instance, if you have the essential tools for home, such as the laminate flooring tools, here is a simple process you can follow.

  • Make your floor ready by removing any baseboards.
  • Prepare the subfloor by cleaning and flattening it.
  • Test-fit a few laminate planks to see how they will fit-out in the room
  • Put down the underlayment before laying the laminate. However, the life-proof laminate flooring does not require any underlayment.
  • Install the laminates in their respective rows and ensure they slot in well

However, you should always look out for professional help if you’re not confident about your Do-it-yourself expertise. This will make the whole process easier and cheaper on your side. Should you wish to uninstall your laminate flooring and upgrade to a new one, you will be surprised at how it’s even an easier process. You’ll simply need to pick out the planks as the floor is not attached to the sub-floor, and therefore, no excessive force is required for their removal.

4.      A Wide Range to Choose From

Laminate is created from high-definition material to mimic all high-end flooring styles convincingly. It offers you a great chance to choose from a wide range of colors and texture that fits your home best. Whether you want to achieve a hardwood look or decorative tile, there is always a laminate for you. Therefore, you can create your unique space with a touch of style at a fraction of the cost of conventional wooden flooring.

Laminate also comes in various color tones and patterns that allow you to match the floor with your home’s exact interior mood and style. For instance, there’s a style suitable for kitchen laminate flooring, whereas you can also find endless style options for your bathroom laminate flooring. Whether it’s an elegant or contemporary style, laminate portrays almost any type of design you can think of.

Beyond that, there’s also more to laminate wood flooring than just being a good replica of other natural materials. The addition of more styles every year means you’ll have an array of options to choose from. If you have a more profound love for patterned floors or a particular color, there will always be plenty of those to choose from. For this reason and many more, laminate flooring is a perfect choice for your home renovation project.

5.      Eco-friendliness

Like any other wood flooring, laminate offers the desired eco-friendliness in your home. It’s made from sustainable wood planks and doesn’t include any chemical preservatives. For that reason, it comes out as an excellent pick if you suffer from allergies, thanks to its natural resistance to mold and bacteria growth.

Additionally, laminate flooring can be recycled or reused in another room if your taste or preferences change. Its locking system means you don’t need any chemicals or glue to fix it in place. This gives laminate the eco-friendliness making it a sensible choice for quality home flooring.

6.      It is Economical

Laminate flooring offers a less expensive option more than other hardwood choices. But that’s not all, as its durability and longevity mean it’s an even more economical choice. Its mechanically engineered materials give it a more upscale and luxurious look, all for a fraction of the cost that fits your budget and needs.

With laminate in your home, it is nearly impossible to visibly tell if it’s hardwood or not. Therefore, you benefit from all the sophistication, style, and luxury of hardwood flooring without spending much on it.

7.      Damage and Water Resistant

While most wooden floors will resist water, there will always be damage to the wood or planks over time. This is hardly the case with laminate flooring as it comes with a superior stain and moisture-resistant surface coating that makes spills and other messes easy to handle. Therefore, it’s a better choice for your kitchen, where staining and other water damage forms are usually experienced.

Laminate may not be 100 percent waterproof, but the floor still offers resistance to moisture. Its destabilizing layer ensures all of this is possible, preventing water invasion into the planks from below. Laminate flooring also comes with an added resistance to damage. The locking of the planks together means that the material can quickly expand and contract in the event of changes in pressure and temperature in your home.  This happens without any buckling against the subfloor.


The right flooring choice will complement your interior design and make your home feel complete. From tiles to hardwood flooring, you benefit from endless options that make it quite challenging to pick the right choice. But if you are a homeowner desiring beauty and value without going deep into your pockets, laminate flooring is what you need. Besides, its host of benefits makes it an ideal choice for any of your home renovation projects.

Do you think laminate flooring will stand the competition from other home flooring options? Let us know by leaving your response below.


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