lamaze method childbirth

lamaze method childbirth
lamaze method childbirth

Natural childbirth through Lamaze childbirth technique

Becoming a mother is the most precious moment in women’s lives. Of course, any women would cherish this moment in life forever.  This joy of becoming a mother is often backed by the fear of undergoing medical intervention or labour pain. You have to undergo either of these two processes to give birth to the child. Out of these two methods, choosing the natural way is the best option because it has many benefits. There are many methods developed to reduce pain and stress of mother while undergoing the labour pain, out of which Lamaze childbirth method most widely used the technique.

Before you continue to read the article and understand about Lamaze childbirth method, you should know why giving birth to the child in a natural way will benefit you.

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Natural childbirth:

Most of the women who are undergoing pregnancy today are scared about giving birth to the child naturally because of the pain and stress that they have to undergo while giving birth to the child. The benefits that you get with the natural childbirth will outdo the pain that you suffer during the labour.

  • Giving birth to the child through the natural process will put the child and the mother under minimal risk.
  •     Easy mobility right after delivery is the main advantage of giving birth to the child in a natural way.
  •    You will not be given any anaesthesia and not required to be sedated or cauterized during the process.
  •    When you choose techniques like Lamaze childbirth method, even your partner will be the part of the whole process making it a fulfilling experience for him as well.

Lamaze childbirth method:

This is one of the wonderful natural technique invented by an obstetrician named Dr Fernand Lamaze so, this process is called a Lamaze childbirth method.  This technique is nothing but deep berthing practice used by women who are in labour to assuage the pain. Lamaze childbirth method certain tools that make giving birth to the child an easy experience to the mother.  These tools are used to impact visual, tactile, and auditory regions of the women’s brain and distract the mother from the pain of childbirth. With this process, you will have control over the entire birth process.  Women have been given birth to children naturally from thousands of years.  However, with increased conscious of health, it always advised taking the help of birthing assistance.

What should you expect?

In the modern medical world, if you are planning to give birth to your child naturally, you need to attend Lamaze childbirth method classes. These classes will help you develop confidence that is required to give birth to the child naturally. The confidence that you get from these classes may not reduce the pain that you undergo during the labour process; instead, it gives you the power to face the big challenge of giving birth to the child. In these Lamaze childbirth method classes, you and your partner will learn about the easy way of undergoing the birthing process and give you valuable information to make an informed decision about your delivery method.  They will teach you about many things like labour, birth and recovery, techniques for reducing pain, positions for labour birth, and information about breastfeeding and a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Lamaze childbirth technique

  •    You will no longer relay in pain reliever medications; the Lamaze method helps you tolerate contraction during the process of the delivery in addition to practice right breathing techniques.
  •   Undoubtedly natural childbirth is the most effective method to protect the health of the child and mother in the long run, so, this method helps you support the health of both by supporting the natural childbirth process.
  •     As the process of Lamaze birth technique is natural, it enables you to control fear and anxiety.
  •   You will  learn about what to expect from the  natural childbirth process
  • Your partner can accompany you during the process. It will not only turn to be emotional support but also be a support in helping to position you, massaging to make you more comfortable during the process.
  •   It will help the labour begin on its own which is very good for child health.
  • You will able to change the positions throughout the labour till you are comfortable

Disadvantages  Lamaze childbirth technique

•    There many this birth technique, however labour pains during the childbirth process cannot be avoided completely.

•    Irrespective of breathing control techniques you follow, the process is not going to take the pains away from the process, you should be minded that pains are a part of natural childbirth.

•    Most of  the insurance  will not cover Lamaze class so; it can be expensive for you

Lamaze classes:

If you are looking for a way to attend Lamaze childbirth method classes, you can get the assistance of Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators either through the website of the international organization or searching locally.  These classes will have a friendly atmosphere, and the educators are ready to answer any question you have. In these classes, you will have a facility to learn different techniques along with your partner.

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