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Dr Rati Parwani
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Transform yourself and achieve your health goals. Keto diet is by far the best diet for you. Know your weight and height. It is all the rage. The internet is filled with stories about who is losing weight and how is losing weight. Ordinary people have shed stubborn pounds with a keto diet. Yes, it’s possible.

But eating pattern has a huge effect on your diet which needs to be taken care of. How you eat and consume how much calories is an important part of the goal. So is it a miracle diet or latest trend? Let’s follow it for 15 days and check. But to understand any diet or its form you need to understand the eating pattern how it works and how it should be monitored.

Eating pattern: How does it work

How many meals you have is essential to know. Eating every 3 hours is perfect and having short and healthier meals is apt to one who wants to lose weight. The traditional cycle of breakfast lunch and dinner is a classic way of eating. Remember “you are what you eat “ and food is not just eating energy it is an experience. People who love to eat are always the best but eat healthily is an important goal that you need to achieve. These healthy quotes will make you perfect in eating healthy throughout life. Eating is a huge necessity in life for energy. The consumption of energy should be less than the energy spent. When you eat you consume calories and well as convert it into energy which is essential for your day to day life.

Why does your eating pattern matter?

Your metabolic age is based on what’s called the BMR basal metabolic rate. Your BMR tells you how many calories your body burns while resting and it is good to gauge the efficiency of the burning of the calories you consume. It is an important indicator of how hardworking your internal metabolism is. It also steps away from using your real age or number that traditional weighing scales to define the fitness. Your metabolic age shifts away from fitness and weight and focuses on the body structure and composition of muscle and fat. It’s possible to use a person’s height and weight to calculate his BMR basal metabolic weight. A body composition analyser will give accurate results and will let you know how much visceral fat you have. The fitter the healthier the stronger you are the lower your metabolic age will be. Muscle burns more than fat. If your metabolic age is younger than your actual age this is great news and you are in good shape.

Some adults real knock down their real age. If your metabolic rate is higher this a sign that you need to improve your metabolic age by changing your diet and fitness plans regularly and update the same. Good fitness habits help in the long run which keeps you fit and keeps your metabolism running and get it checked with your doctor. Your overall health also allows you to be fitter which means a stronger immune system and stronger core which helps you build up immunity levels.

Top power foods for the Body:

5.Small fatty fish
7.Green tea
8.Pumpkin seeds
10.Whole grains

Try these top 10 power foods to improve body structural integrity and prevent ageing for better lifespan.

What can the keto diet do for you?

When on the keto diet you need to cut down drastically on carbs and give priority to protein, non-starchy veggies and healthy fats instead If you are looking to get a jump start on your health and fitness goals you may be thinking about starting the ketogenic diet. Maybe you have heard about the keto diet but are not sure what it means. The ketogenic diet is an eating plan that drives your body to ketosis, a state where the body uses fat as a primary source of fuel instead of carbohydrates. When you are eating a food that gets you there your body can enter the state of ketosis in one to three days. during the diet, the majority of the ca; lories come from fat and protein and very little carbohydrates. Ketosis also happens if you eat a very low-calorie diet. In terms of diabetes, there is good research that shows that the ketogenic diet is very promising in glycemic control. It may cause a reduction in levels of Hb A1c – a key test for diabetes that measures a persons average blood sugar control for over three months something that may taper the antidiabetic medicines. But for diabetic patients, one big concern is you are eating a lot of fat in the diet keto. Because people with diabetes are at increased risk of type 2 diabetes there is a specific concern that the fat in the diet may rise.

Doctors may recommend a weight loss diet for you like a reduced-calorie diet to manage diabetes. In terms of weight loss, you may be interested in trying the ketogenic diet because you have heard that it has made a big impact right away and that’s true. the ketogenic diet will cause you to lose weight right away within the first week. The body will first use up all the glycogen stores, with depleted glycogen your body weight will drop. While it will be motivating to see the number on the scale go down (often dramatically )do keep in mind that most of this is water loss initially. But the keto diet can be effective over time. One review suggested the keto diet can spur fat loss in obese people when used for a couple of weeks. Studies have shown that weight loss results from a low carb diet but must be well maintained over some time.

Before starting to ask yourself what is the real plan for diet. You should not have potential nutritional deficiencies which would hamper your nutrition. So take care of yourself before having a healthy diet also taken vitamin nutritional supplement daily as you won’t be eating groceries whole grains dairy or fruit. Try out the new 15 days diet plan of keto diet which will help you in the long run. You need medical supervision for the diet as it eliminates all the food groups which a red flag. The keto diet is hard to stick to. Jumping into high fat and low carb eating isn’t easy. Try keto diet meals you can make ahead of time.

Try these 10 recipes

1)Keto chicken chopped salad
2)keto meal prep breakfast bombs with bacon and chicken
3)Cauliflower hummus with crackers
4)Chopped Mediterranean Salad with dried tomato
5)keto strawberry fruit
6)keto butter chicken
7)Chicken salad with watermelon
8)Spinach and salmon combination salad
9)Homemade protein bars
10)Keto pizza bagels.

Continue keto diet for 7 days and see the difference and let us know how you feel. Remember your supplements to be taken on time to overcome any nutritional deficiency.


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