What is ingrown hair solution


What is Ingrown Hair?

The hair which doesn’t elevate up from the skin instead grows back into our skin is referred to as ingrown hair. Just like the ingrown eyelash, these ingrown hairs are also hair grown in the wrong direction.

After forming it turns into a cyst which is like a large bump and extends between skins deeper and outer surface.

These ingrown hairs are found among people who remove their hair by shaving or waxing and unfortunately, these cysts can cause infections.

İt’s first appearance is just like a small pimple containing hair at its surface, having red color. if this cyst doesn’t go away, after some time it can transform into a larger one, and the appearance will be red, white, or yellow. Of course, it will be irritating and painful too.

Symptoms of İngrown Hair:

There are many symptoms of ingrown hair. Some are just similar to the Ingrown eyelash. 

Let’s talk about symptoms, you will feel:

  • İtching.
  • small rounded papules
  • hairs will be embedded
  • dark skin
  • pain
  • a kind of irritation


They may find in the areas:

  • face
  • neck
  • scalp
  • armpits
  • pubic region
  • chest
  • back

Cause of ingrown hair:

They are common among many people but problematic for those who have curly or thick hair. Because after shaving, curly hair can bend back and re-enters your skin. high levels of sex hormones in certain people are the main cause of the formation of ingrown hair.

They are formed by improper shaving or waxing or tweezing because they don’t always clear cut all of our hair. When we remove hair, new hair may grow here incorrectly which may grow sideways and also curl back down, causing the pore to close over the hair so it will be now stuck or ingrown.

Complications Causes By İngrown Hair:

İngrown hair can go by itself but if it will not go away, it can cause many complications. Such as:

  • An infection
  • Darkened Area
  • Scarring

İt can cause some cysts as well. They can be swollen and painful. They usually present on tailbones, between the buttocks. They require surgery to treat them.

How to treat ingrown hair?

The primary goal of the doctor will be to minimize surrounding inflammation and to reduce the risk of infection. over the counter (OTC) medicines containing benzoyl peroxide which can be used are as follow;

  • differin gel
  • Neutrogena

if OTC doesn’t work prescription method must be needed:

  • steroid: that will remove swelling and irritation.
  • retinoids: to remove all dead cells and to minimize changes in skin pigments.
  • antibiotics: they work against bacteria to treat an infection.

Preventions for ingrown hair:

İf you want to prevent ingrown hair to grow on your skin, you have to follow some tips while you shave. These tips are given below:

  • Use the scrub specifically exfoliating scrub to take out the ingrown hair from the skin or rub your face in the circular motion every day using a wet washcloth.
  • Use the sharp single-blade razor to shave.
  • Apply a moisturizer or lubricant on your skin, or wet your face before shaving.
  • Always shave in that direction in which direction your hair is grown.
  • Use a few strokes of the razor. So that the chances of slipping back of the hair into the skin are reduced.
  • Always maintain a little distance from the skin while shaving. Try to shave not close to your skin.
  • Hold the electric razor slightly above the surface of your skin.
  • Apply some soothing lotion or cloth dipping in cold water to soothe your skin.

There are also some other removal methods that you can try to remove the hair. Some creams dissolve hair and a laser or electric current to remove the hair follicles.


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