How to increase productivity in the workplace

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How to start your journey to increase productivity :

Do you have big goals that you are struggling to meet? You have been trying to reach your dream of writing a book by the end of next year or maybe you are working your way down to become financially independent. It feels frustrating having big dreams and no idea where to start from to make them turn into reality. You know you have the talent ! the drive and the inspiration! Somehow though you always find yourself distracted or not making as much progress as you were. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to make you more productive so you can make your dreams come true and start living a life you always wanted !!

Write everything down to increase productivity

We have all been guilty of it. We think we are just going to remember that important deadline or phone call only to completely forget that it needed to be done. Scrambling at the last second is nobody’s friend so do yourself a favor and write it down. Use a day planner your notes app on the phone or just a spiral notebook but make a list of things to do and live by that list and die by that list. One great tip is to keep a pad of paper by your bed so even if you have a great idea or remember something that just needs to be down or write it down.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

While it’s tempting to make a giant do list of all things you ‘d like to accomplish looking at the list can be incredibly daunting. Staring down a twenty item long list is enough to make sure that you just close up the laptop for the day and go golfing instead! So rather than have a giant list of things to do, try to choose the five more important, time-sensitive items on your list and tackle them each day. It is a great feeling to get to the end of the list so why not make it easier to do that?

Get a head start

Take half an hour at the end of the day to lay out a plan for the next day. Make a list of your key tasks, meetings, and appointments before leaving the office or before bed. Doing this allows you to keep your mind free from the task of ruminating on everything that needs to be taken care of. You can just get up in the morning and start tackling your list hitting the ground running. It will make your day far more stressful to put the legwork in the night before.

Check things off your list

Accomplishing things gives us positive feedback that leads us to accomplish more things. By checking the items on your list you are giving your brain a much-needed boost of endorphins which can be addicting. By tackling the items on your list and making the effort to physically strike them off you will get a mood boost which will allow you to keep moving on the next task for the day.

Do the worst first !!

Do you have a big task that you have been dreading and finding yourself move it to the bottom of the list? Finish it. Tackling a big task that you are not looking forward to has great results. One it is out of the way so that you can focus on things you ‘d much rather be doing . two it feels good like conquering a mountain. Maybe you have been dreading to going a big stack of paperwork or having a difficult conversation with an employee. Much like a bandage, it is better to rip off and do it !!

Get rid of distractions !!

Stop getting yourself distracted. Put your phone on silent. mute your email and close down your instant messaging app. Stay away from Facebook and Instagram whatever it is that is distracting you from the task at hand. Being mindful of the task that you are working on produces quality work and allows you to get finished much faster. If the task you are working on doesn’t require the internet to disconnect your wifi. Put the phone on the other side of the room. Anything that you do is wasting time just put it away. You don’t need it and those text messages will be there when you are done don’t worry.

Break big projects down!

Let say you want to write a book that’s on its own a scary thought. Thinking about the sheer hours that you need to put in it, can cause you to put breaks on. Breaking a book into smaller bits like 500 days per day seems much more manageable. This technique can be applied to any big project you have on the go. Take some time to figure out what you can accomplish to help complete your goal . and then take time to do it. Before you will know it will be finished.

Take breaks

Working at one task can be exhausting. That’s why it is important to take regular coffee breaks a few times, take a walk around the office or have a chat with a coworker. Even a fifteen-minute break can leave you rejuvenated and refreshed ready to get back to whatever needs to be taken care of.

Complete something big before lunch.

Most of us a productive the 1 st thing in the morning before lunch . after the morning coffee and before the carbohydrate-heavy sandwich for the lunch. The afternoon dip is a real thing. So complete your big task first thing in the morning
Follow these tips to make your day productive and start accomplishing your goals every day!!

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